After a storm has traveled through the area, a home can suffer damage to the roof and gutters. High winds can cause roofing material to become loose. Hail can dent the roofing surface and destroy a protective coating. Gutters can be torn from the home or a tree may have fallen causing damage to either of them. Homes have insurance to protect against losses such as these among many others. It’s also your responsibility as an owner to maintain your home as part of the insurance policy. When damage has occurred, you can get your roof fixed under insurance.

If a homeowner has a roofing company they prefer, they might be able to contact them for repairs but should work with this insurance company. The best process to follow is to:

  • Contact the insurance company and explain you feel the roof has been damaged.
  • Ask them to open a claim.
  • Write down the claim number and the spokesperson’s name from the insurance company that you spoke to.
  • If you have a roofing company in mind, let the insurance company know the name of them.
  • Have the roofing company complete a roofing report that can be sent to the insurance company.
  • Wait until the insurance company informs how to proceed.

Hiring an experienced roofing company will make the process go much more smoothly. It’s never recommended to attempt to perform the repairs without the help of a roofing company. Climbing on the roof to inspect damage can be very dangerous. If the gutters are damaged from the storm, the roofing company will write a detailed description of the damage to the roof and gutters for the insurance company. The insurance company recommends that repairs are completed or the entire roof replaced or restored. Whatever the case may be, the roofing company will be able to answer any questions the owner or the insurance company may have about the damage or repairs.

If your roof has been damaged, let an experienced and trusted roofing company take care of properly repairing or replacing it. They can eliminate a lot of the stress and worry so you can focus on more important things.

You Can Get Your Roof Fixed Under Insurance