Wood PlanksThis Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft an oak wood plank with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Assuming that you have already made a crafting table in Minecraft and placed it somewhere in the map, find the crafting table and stand in front of it. When making an oak wood plank, it is important that the oak wood are placed in the exact pattern as the image below. Now that you have filled the crafting area with the correct pattern, the 4 oak wood planks will appear in the box to the right. Now that you have filled in the correct pattern and made oak wood planks, you need to move the new items to your inventory.

I personally don’t use a texture pack except the a art on which i made which i only edit 2 picture. Any way, moving on from me and going back to the texture pack, there is a wide variety of texture pack, you can get a pok√©mon one, a zelda one and even a girl texture pack. You might want to try it. Search for a texture pack you want on the internet or make it your self. You can not use ms paint to do so because it can not handle transparent background. If you play minecraft and you heard about skin but don’t know what they are, well you came to the right place.

You can make your own one 2. You First have to have a skin to use and you can edit it on paint but later you must get it rendered (get rid of the background even if it is white). I always hear references to Minecraft in the tv shows I watch so it’s nice to have a better understanding. Thi is sadly the old version of minecraft (during 1.7.3). Now there are more mobs. I love minecraft it inspires creativity and it teaches you about survival skills. If you don’t like minecraft then my best suggestion for you is to go die in a hole. Crafting a bed in Minecraft is the quickest and most portable shelter you can have.

If you start your Minecraft world on an island or a chain of islands, crafting a boat can be a quick mode of shelter to wait out the night. Caves are welcome sights in Minecraft due to the need for minerals that can only be found while mining, such as iron and diamond. If you are lucky, you might start a Minecraft seed right next to a village In a village, you will find multiple houses of different sizes and lengths, some with villagers inside. It looks like one I’d like, so when it’s time to build a Minecraft shelter, I know where to look.Wood Planks

We ran into a problem at the very beginning, though (welcome to DIY, right?!?!): our gorgeous aged planks were a totally different color than the fresh, new planks we had to buy to complete the space. Mix up 1 part water to 2 parts flat white latex paint (we used budget ceiling paint from our local hardware store). Some of your texture comes from those brush strokes, and you want them to work with your grain, rather than against it.

Wood Planks

Wood Planks
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