Wood pergolas from Forever Redwood are a terrific way to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Forever Redwood is a company that offers you choices for pergolas. These choice range from DIY custom kits to contractor installed custom redwood pergolas. No matter which pergola you choose, all are made to the exacting standards of Forever Redwood.


Three Choices for Wood Pergolas

Garden and Small Freestanding Kits

Forever Redwood has kits that range in style from arched pergolas to small garden redwood kits. Instructions for assembly are easy to follow and consumers who have installation issues can call the company for free help.

Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas

New to Forever Redwood’s hundreds of pergola designs is the Del Norte Kitchen Pavilion. This kit is made to fit your entire outdoor kitchen in one convenient spot on your property. The spacious design allows for enough space to include a bar and a dining table.

Attached Pergolas

Forever Redwood also offers a variety of sizes and styles for wood pergolas that attach to your home. Constructed from sustainable redwood forestry companies, the attached wood pergola makes your home unique with added beauty, comfort and value.

Why Forever Redwood?

  • Thick-timbered finely finished Redwood that outlasts teak or cedar, stainless steel hardware, and the best weather resistant sealants go into Forever Redwood products.
  • You don’t have to figure it all out beforehand. Just estimate the size you think will work for the space. Forever Redwood will stay with your ideas until you have something you completely love. Every detail can be customized as needed. If you want to add a detail or a size you do not see, just say the word.
  • The company believes that redwood is a treasured wood source and have made part of the company mission eco-forestry and restoration forestry.

Since 1995, Forever Redwood has been manufacturing pergolas made of the finest California Redwood trees that have been harvested using reforestation techniques and  Forever Redwood has designed thousands of pergolas.

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Wood Pergolas Add Enjoyment, Beauty and Value To Your Home