Wood FloorAs I have mentioned before, when we bought this house there were many things we knew we would want to change at some point. Finally, at the very bottom, in their own separate box, the dry-mop and wet-mop cleaning pads. If you are trying, as we are, to reduce your use of disposables and excess packaging, reusable microfiber cloths capture all the dirt, so you never have to buy plastic-wrapped, one-use cleaning cloths again. If you love the disposable Swiffer cloths, go right ahead and use them with your floor cleaner.

Both the multipurpose cleaning pad and the Pro-Clean reservoir pad are designed to work just like a Swiffer. In this pic, you see the multipurpose cleaning pad positioned over a dry-mop, microfiber cleaning cloth. Another Earth-friendly plus: Never again buy one-use plastic bottles filled with toxic, allergy-triggering cleaning solution. Easily fill the reservoir on the wet-mop pad, attach the microfiber cleaning cloth, just as you would to a Swiffer, and turn the cleaner loose. The battery-powered North Star GPS Navigation Cube ships with your floor cleaner.Wood Floor

If you have a large house with hard surface floors and no boundaries, you might need more than one cube. If your house is like ours-full of musical instruments, craft projects and toys the grandchildren leave about, you may not always have time or desire to move things out of the way before setting the cleaner to work. Your cleaner scoops up dust and debris under the kick guards in the kitchen and bathroom. The Mint hasn’t mapped the edges and is not cleaning carefully around the coffee table legs, the lamp tables or the rocking chair.

The robot can dust-mop all the floors in a good-sized apartment like mine on one charge and still have power left to wet-mop the bathroom and kitchen. On the rare occasion your floor cleaner gets stuck in a tight spot, it beeps a couple of sweet notes to let you know it needs help. One of the non-perks of living in a 100-year-old apartment building is that you don’t get to choose your flooring, appliances or cupboard colors. Like Grandma said, the only clean floors are the ones you scrub yourself on your hands and knees.

I’m hoping to have laminate floors put in at some point and this would definitely be worth the investment then. Wow, what a GREAT lens showcasing the many wonderful benefits of this breakthrough product called Mint Robotic Floor Cleaner!!! Grace, such a great pleasure meeting you, and getting introduced for the very first time to this must-have cleaning tool esp. This impressive product will be on my Christmas Wishlist for sure :). I’m huge when it comes to cleaning or organization, and your great review has tremendously helped me in choosing a new cleaning tool to make my cleaning more efficient and much easier.

Wood Floor

Wood Flooring
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