Wood FloorAvoid the worries of pet scratches, humidity and bathroom water damage with wood tile. We recommend window treatments, as well as rotating area rugs and furniture regularly, to allow floors to age evenly from UV exposure. Some retailers or installers may charge to remove (and then replace) furniture in the installation areas. Unless your home is brand new, there’s probably an old floor covering that is going to need to be removed and properly disposed of.

Depending on its condition (after removal of the old floor covering), your subfloor may need to be prepped for hardwood installation. In addition to your total project cost, annual cleanings are also recommended to maintain the beauty and life of your hardwood floor. Ask your retailer and/or consult the manufacturer’s warranty and care guide for directions on cleaning and maintenance. The Steamfast Everyday Hand-held Steamer is a lightweight, portable and powerful cleaner that is both extremely easy to use and easy to store.

The WFCA is the floor covering industry’s largest advocacy organization representing specialty floor covering retailers, cleaners, installers, manufacturers and distributors around the globe. Depending on what kind of cleaning tool you’re using, you can either dip your mop directly into the bucket, or pour some of the solution into a spray bottle and apply it to your floors that way. I tried using Method floor cleaner, Mr Clean and all of them ended up leaving a dulling residue over time. The Bissell Steam shot will remove stubborn stains that soap, or cleaning solutions, will not.

I have always been very happy cleaning with vinegar and have had no dulling or bad side effects from doing so. I do a lot of cleaning with vinegar around our home, LOVE the stuff! It is easier to list what this hand-held steamer cannot do then to list all the tasks this nifty little cleaner can accomplish. Like all other Dyson vacuums, DC39 Multi floor doesn’t lose suction as you clean.

For example, this handy steam cleaner can be used to remove cooked-on residue from a grill, remove caked-on gum from various surfaces or clean stuck-on mud off of work boots. The Steamfast Everyday Hand-held Steam Cleaner is small yet is still more than adequate to meet any family’s needs. The TwinTank system allows users the choice between cleaning with steam alone or with the Hoover SteamPlus Cleaning Solution.

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