Vinyl FlooringMany people are unclear about whether vinyl and linoleum are the same type of flooring. I know this sounds like absolutely lunacy, but home improvement sites say you can paint vinyl flooring, laminate counter tops and backsplash tile. If your vinyl flooring is chip-, crack- and tear-free, paint will cover up age-related wear, scuffs and stomach-turning colors. Since vinyl flooring is glossy, you need to prepare the flooring so it will accept and hold the paint finish. Sand the vinyl flooring with 220-grit sandpaper to dull the finish and roughen the surface, then wipe clean.Vinyl Flooring

If you are a little concerned about your ability to install tiles, consider using peel and stick tiles that install quickly over almost any existing clean backsplash surface. The most difficult part of this project will be removing existing tiles without damaging your drywall. But both types of reinvention are probably the least expensive ways to breathe new life into your wood cabinets. Refinishing or painting is a perfect solution, as long as your wood cabinets are solid and in good shape. Nothing is better than a natural wood floor cleaner to have them in your home for cleaning hardwood floors and tiles.

The goal of refinishing is to bring the wood back to its natural state and simply sealing the grain or applying a different stain to change the wood color. Oil-based paints are more expensive, more durable, emit more off-gasses and require solvent clean up. Latex paints cure quicker, are low-odor, clean up with soap and water and cost less than oil-based paint.

Besides vegetable oil, vinegar as homemade wax, vodka as a wood floor cleaner would work fine. Once the oil is mixed well, dip a clean mop in that solution and wipe the flooring with it. The dirt and dust will instantly get cleaned and soon you will see a sparkling floor reflecting in front of your eyes. Methods for deep cleaning will vary depending on the type of installation and finish on your floor.

Independent scientists, international governmental bodies and phthalate producers have conducted extensive studies on the safety of phthalates – the plasticizers used to make vinyl flexible. For pre-finished wood or laminate floors, a microfiber mop will do a sufficient job of cleaning, while protecting the surface. However, do not use a steamer if you notice loose grout, tiles or vinyl damage.

Vinyl Flooring

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