Vinyl FlooringOne of the most economical choices in flooring, vinyl floors are available in an almost endless variety of colors and patterns. To make things easier, first time DIYers should consider using peel-and-stick vinyl flooring because it tends to be the easiest to install just by reading the directions. Anyone who is interested in taking the DIY approach to vinyl flooring installation for the first time should consider starting small before attempting to repair major projects around the house. Since vinyl flooring is a recommended surface for bathrooms due to its moisture-resistance capabilities, try to install the flooring in the smallest bathroom in your home. Remember, if you choose to go it alone for your vinyl flooring installation, it doesn’t mean that you can’t seek out expert advice.

Contact a professional flooring installer prior to your project, and see if they can provide you with a few tips and suggestions to help make the experience much smoother. Also, feel free to contact a BuildDirect product expert with any of your vinyl flooring questions. And I know this doesnt have anything to do with the post but I love the wood board panel looking walls you have behind the sink!

Indianapolis , in our place, vinyl flooring and ( Indianapolis) hardwood flooring are very popular because of its simplicity. OMG I have the ugliest vinyl flooring and I never dreamed of painting it. Thank you so much of your step by step post. I’d just like to point out that people should test to make sure their vinyl tile doesn’t contain asbestos before sanding (which releases abestos into the air).Vinyl Flooring

This product is ideal for anyone looking for a wood look in a basement that has a history of floods or water damage. The planks being made of almost water proof materials allow for peace of mind when it comes to possible water damage. A floating vinyl plank can get wet during the flood, be stored during repairs to the space and be reinstalled into it after the renovations are complete.

The tile form of vinyl is not a new option to the market but the tiles now being offered bring new possibilities. Alterna tile by Armstrong simulates the look and feel of a standard ceramic or porcelain tile while bringing the warmth of a vinyl. At 1000 Islands Flooring in Kingston we can give you the details of all these products and more so come and see us today.

Vinyl Flooring

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