Wood FloorInexpensive rustic flooring for your cabin getaway doesn’t have to mean a hard packed earthen floor reminiscent to the cabin floors of the early settlers. I think there should be some sort of national government campaign against hardwood floors. People should not be allowed to let their stupidity destroy their quality of life with these damn floors. When I moved in after college, I quickly realized that this floor is the worst. I totally agree with the irony of placing area rugs down on top of hardwood floors. Vinyl Flooring has also come a long way, this is not your grandmother’s floor!!!!

Wood tile is just what you’re thinking, it’s ceramic or porcelain tile that’s fully colored, weathered and textured to look like real hardwood planks. If you don’t believe it check out this video clip of some wood tile samples in New Zealand. You can find wood tile in both ceramic and porcelain One of the big differences between the two is that ceramic absorbs water and porcelain doesn’t. You will have to clean your ceramic wood tile more than porcelain because of its coarse, dirt attracting surface.

The benefits of wood tile don’t stop at the bathroom, they’re also a great option If you have pets Hardwood is easily scratched and destroyed by dog or cat claws, accidents, and spillable water dishes. Wood tile is easily installed by simply placing your tile, adding grout and cleaning up. You want to pick a grout color that’s going to blend in with the tile so as to create a realistic hardwood effect. The nice thing about wood tile is that it comes in a wide range of plank sizes at more affordable prices than hardwood.

Wood tile is not only a great hardwood substitute but it’s also just plain something different. As a new product on the market, wood tile can be both a rare and unique addition to your home. It’s an affordable wood substitute that will stand the test of pets, water, and time. Colors: RED OAK FAMILY NAT, AUBURN, SADDLE, GUNSTOCK, COCOA, WHITE OAK NATUR, ASH CLASSIC CREAM, OAK BRUSHED GINGER ROOT.

In my opinion hardwood is the most beautiful type of flooring available on the market today and is certainly the most prestigious. Hardwood flooring is not waterproof, in fact just a drop of water left on a hardwood floor and not wiped off can wreck the finish. If you have a flood, major fridge, dishwasher, laundry tub or sink leak, your entire hardwood floor will likely need to be replaced.

Wood FloorWood Floor

Why I Love Carpet And Hate Hardwood Floors
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