Wood FloorEver been caught short with an empty toilet roll in your hands, now’s the chance to pull that last sheet and sit comfortably in the knowledge that there are spare rolls to hand in your bathroom. Wood flooring and Parquet floors in particular remained popular until the 1930s when the advent of carpeting manufacturing made it possible for people to acquire carpeting to cover the wooden floors. For a while it looked as though wood floors would become totally obsolete as carpeting seemed to be the floor covering of choice. However, beginning in the 1980s and 90s a renewed interest in wood flooring combined with better manufacturing techniques and more durable materials such as laminates began a resurgence in the wood flooring industry. Obviously, if the trees were gone by the 1900s it means this wood is not still available in tree form.

Today, there are many styles of Parquet floors to choose from and these floor are affordable by more people than every before. Parquet floors are once again popular, as the designs of these floors add additional beauty to the natural beauty and warmth of modern day wood floors. The rich texture and various shades of woods make these floors glow and newer, better and more durable finishes only add to the luster of your wood floor. Ouxiang Wood located in Puwan new area, Dalian city, and it is a leading wood products producer in this area.

Gone are the intricate and more artsy designs of the 1600s in their place are more durable and longer lasting floors with a quiet beauty and design that make them even more sought after and popular than they were in the days of old. Our products range covers solid wood veneers, engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring and others, enjoying good reputation in Europe and other area, like Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Italy, and other area in the word. Keep in mind that since pine is a soft wood it dents easily as well as being easily marred.Wood Floor

Unceasingly, we make great effort on improving the technology of cutting veneer, increasing the efficiency of flooring production, in order to enhance our competitiveness. The only way to get the beauty of antique heart pine is by using the wood from structures that are being torn down or, as some companies are doing, bringing up these old growth tree trunks form the bottoms of rivers where they may have been lost during transport. Walking through it you caught the intense smell of rodents, and there was raccoon scat here and there on the floor.

In doing so I learned a lot about soft pine floors and how they are different form the hardwood floors that were popular in other areas. I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do as well as learning about the history and manufacture of heart pine floors. If you find that you have one of these gorgeous floors you probably also have areas of it that need to be repaired. If your floors are in decent shape you may be able to just clean them well with a good wood cleaner and maybe put a new protective coat on them. The area is then refinished and the boards will age naturally with the rest of the floor.

Wood Floor

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