Bathroom DesignThere are few places in the home that offer the solitude of bathrooms, so it makes sense to make it as tranquil and relaxing an environment as possible. I love that you illustrated this with your own bathroom and things you really did crochet – and not just pictures you found online. One of the most evident effects of modern bathroom design is its tremendous impact on public health and urban living. The use of natural stones and porcelain tiles awake a sense of serenity as a main feature in design for many hotels. Following the Zen bathroom, comes along the Urban Chic approach that plays an ever more crucial role in the design trend this year.

The combination of neutral color schemes and minimalistic detailing are key characteristics of these bathrooms in current resort designs. The all-white bathroom leaves no room for anything besides perfection in both public hygiene and flawless surfaces. The use of clean, bold lines, modern forms and shapes against glossy surfaces can transform these bathrooms into an exquisite design statement.Bathroom Design

Another essential component to the latest trending bathroom designs is sustainable styles and materials. LEDs are not only energy efficient but allow a free stylistic expression that can be achieved through accent or ambient illumination. It has also played a crucial role in the decoration of bathroom vanities and creating a more homogeneous lighting environment.

Given the amount of time spent in the bathroom and the important things you do while there, you really should consider how the bathroom is lit. A well lit bathroom is a pleasant place to be. It’s also a place where the critical tasks of grooming can be done right. There are a number of ways a bathroom can be lit, and the best lit bathrooms are those that use a combination of light fixtures. Simply placing an overhead light in your bathroom may get you by, but your bathroom can be a more beautiful and functional place to spend time in with a little more planning.

There are a few types of lights you can use – flourescent, incandescent, and LED – and some people have even gone so far as to use halogen lights in their bathroom depending on the feel they would like. The mirror is where you will need the most light for grooming, so it is there you should start your bathroom lighting plans. Lighting this area of the bathroom is often done well using recessed lighting positioned in the ceiling at the approximate center of the shower area.

Bathroom Design

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Design
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