Glass DoorMost of us think of Glassdoor as the place to get the skinny on salaries and reviews from employees. Also, especially in the kick downs, the mechanism itself wears out and then it seems to want to hold the door open all the time – not good for security. If the door must be held open frequently, or the user is allergic to (or unable to perform) the work of putting the hook in place, there are several spring-driven devices that do the same job, but do it every time the door is opened to a certain degree. The user opens the door until the striker, installed on the floor (or wall), engages with the door-mounted spring-loaded mechanism. The door is held open until the striker is pulled out of the spring loaded mechanism.

The problem with a friction hold-open arm is that the very same friction that holds the door open wears out the mechanism that causes the friction. If you are really fixated on the idea of your door closer also being your door-hold-opener, and your door is no more than say, seven feet tall, I suggest you use something like the LCN closer below that has what they call a ‘Hold-Open Cush ‘n’ Stop’ arm. Norton Door Controls also offers a closer on the same idea, but they call it a ‘Hold-Open Closer Plus’ arm. The difference, as you might notice, is a handle that the user turns to activate the hold-open function of the door closer.Glass Door

An added benefit is that the door can be opened fully without activating the hold-open. Instead of incorporating the hold open feature into your door closer, you can get a separate piece of hardware that does the same thing: the overhead stop and holder. The overhead stop and holder is great when you have an exterior door that is subject to wind. It stops the door before it reaches the end of its swing, preventing damage to hinges and closer and possibly the door itself. The problem with the overhead stop and holder is installing it with a door closer.

If you choose a surface mounted overhead stop and holder, often it must be installed on the opposite side of the door from the closer, or the closer must be modified so that it can work around the overhead stop and holder. It is a concealed overhead stop – which is the easiest kind of overhead stop to make work with a door closer. Then the electric hold-open devices all release, allowing the hydraulic door closers to close the doors. Electromechanical hold-opens are incorporated into a door closer so that the same mechanism that holds the door open also shuts it.

For example, a high powered executive can throw a switch and open the door, and the door will stay open until the executive throws the switch again, releasing the hold open. On the other hand there is dramatic effect: after the meeting the door mysteriously closes behind the last VP who exits, seemingly all by itself. Holding a door open can have unexpected consequences as well as unforeseen connotations. So in most western homes you pull back a shower curtain or open a shower door to climb into your shower; meaning that the rest of the bathroom stays dry. There was a shelf to the left of the door and I think you can just make out the shower over the sink.

Glass Door

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