Bamboo FlooringIt has been a common trend for homeowners to install bamboo flooring as a part of the home improvement process. After all, the bamboo plants will grow and develop from the nutrients provided in the potting mixture. Plant Bamboo – Before placing the bamboo plant in a pot, ensure that the container has a drainage hole at the bottom. Indoor Bamboo Care – As long as moisture, air temperature (inside room) and light are maintained according to the requirements of the bamboo variety, the bamboo plant will grow luxuriantly. Plant Bamboo – Prepare a large size hole to place a bamboo plant along with the root ball. Fill the hole and press soil firmly around the bamboo stem to remove air pockets (if any).

Soil Preparation – Bamboo grows best in well-drained, slightly acidic soil (pH 6 – 6.5). So, in case your garden soil is heavy, dig soil properly and add sufficient dose of sand in the bamboo plantation area. Bamboo Care – It involves regular watering and fertilization in an appropriate concentration. The simplest bamboo shades are created using whole tubes, also known as pipes, of bamboo reeds.

Originally they were made by letting the bamboo reeds dry, and then lashing these pieces together. Another type of bamboo shades are made by weaving together smaller pieces of natural fibers. Materials such as jute, grasses, reeds, and of course bamboo pieces are used to create this type of bamboo shade You may be familiar with this type of shade by the name of matchstick shades, woven shades, or even woven wooden shades. Whether you prefer a simple shade that rolls up, or like the folding look of a roman shade, bamboo shades are usually made with a cord to raise and lower them.

Lining is added to some bamboo shades giving them even more light shading capability. Like any other shade, you can find styles of bamboo shades that are made to be mounted within the window frame, as well as those designed to hang from above the window. Because bamboo grows so quickly, the production of many bamboo products, including bamboo shades, is ecologically friendly. When compared to other types of window shades, you will find that bamboo shades are fairly inexpensive. If you are looking to cover a larger window, or using bamboo shades for different purposes, you can find higher quality or larger size shades. Review of the great value Hunter 44550 Auto Save 7 Day Programmable Thermostat.

Bamboo shades are quite versatile and can be found hanging in open doorways, and being used as room dividers. There is no need to buy special cleaning brushes or cleansing agents to clean bamboo shades. Although using bamboo shades are nothing new, hundreds of styles, and patterns have become available as their popularity has increased. You are certain to find bamboo shades that reflect your personal tastes and style, no matter who you are.

Bamboo FlooringBamboo Flooring

What Is Bamboo Flooring?
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