In the past, people used to learn more about the personality of their partners by evaluating their zodiac sign. However, now everything has changed. With the development of social networks, the lovers want to identify their partners’ habits by reading their timelines on Facebook or other social media. Whether you share a single update on your page or make several posts every day, a study has found the link between your traits and these habits. You often try to read everything about the dating tips for men or women. However, the interconnectedness of a person’s activity on social networks and their personal traits is also highly important.

Your Relationship

Looking at his mobile when you are with him on a date

It may mean that he feels uneasy in face-to-face interactions. Or it can also expose that he is not giving value to your presence. If he is not a busy executive or some other professional, he does not need to use the phone all the time. It will be better if both of you put the mobile phones inside your pockets or bags. You may suggest it politely and expect positive reaction.

He has posted your photo or has not done so at all
You should be very careful when making these assumptions. He perhaps does not want to post your photo on Facebook because he likes to keep the relationship private, especially if it is new.

If there is something negative, then you may assume that he has some other close girlfriends. If you are already in a relationship with him, you can post an image where you and your partner are present. After doing it, you may check his reaction.

Having a glance at mobile phone before going bed or taking phone to all places

Possibly, his age is below thirty. Mobiles are common things used in many places. With the progress of relationship, you have to understand what time is perfect for answering calls or sharing something on social media.

Posting photos on parties

This type of activity proves that he is an extrovert who likes to communicate with people. Extrovert is a cheerful and talkative person. And thus, this kind of people always likes to please a huge number of friends with regular updates. These people are also very cooperative as well as helpful.

Facebook posts about personal achievements

If you see that your partner posts something about his personal accomplishments only, you may consider him to be narcissistic. The posts are perhaps about the promotions in professional life or success in losing weight with the help of workouts. This kind of posts is intended to gain a lot of Likes from Facebook users. The person who has posted them wants to draw attention. It depends completely on you whether you want to accept this person as a partner.

Before searching for a partner, you have to know about these social media practices and their connection with personality.

What His Social Media Habits Say About Your Relationship
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