Basement IdeasIf you like Spanish style comfort, then you will love this Spanish Adobe Fireplace Grotto. I have used this product in the past and have nothing but good things to say about it. From my understanding this product will get into the pores of your concrete and in doing so will form a barrier to stop the water from coming up into the basement where the water could ruin your belongings. Now I may go overboard but I’ve used 5 to 6 coats of this in the past to make sure I didn’t have any water problems and could feel comfortable in laying carpet in the basement.

Other options for heating your basement include installing a fireplace, using a heavy duty electric heater for bigger basements, or a propane heater for a smaller area. I had enough money saved for material and some labor, but I could not pay someone to finish my basement that included a bathroom. Typically to finish a basic basement it would probably cost around $10,000 dollars. I was going to attempt to finish the basement with some help from my family for around $8,000 dollars. If anyone is thinking about finishing your basement I hope this Hub gave you some good ideas.

I started the clean up and deconstruction of the old basement just before Thanksgiving, and had to get it finished before my second child was born in February. The first lesson I learned when starting this project is that Metal Studs are far better to use when framing a basement as long as it meets your local codes. So make sure those ideas are clearly articulated and understood by each member of the family before it’s all implemented.

Normally when you are putting a toilet in a basement you have to do one of two things, break up the floor for the pump for the toilet or raise the toilet to fit the pump under the toilet. This article will primarily focus on home interior design, but we’ll touch a little on commercial design to give you some ideas on the differences, but also some inspiration you can draw from. Maybe a trip or look at how a really cool bar or bar & grill is designed will give you some ideas for your living space. Like cracked walls, a cracked basement floor can cause disastrous problems to your house.

All these types of things can come under the umbrella of home renovation, so don’t think only of breaking down walls and putting up drywall and painting it as what renovation is. In this section I have included several commercial interior design photos and ideas to show you how we can look at things which can give us thoughts and ideas from a different prespective, which we can downsize and adapt to our home.Basement Ideas

Basement Ideas

Wall Paint Ideas For Basement
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