Basement IdeasI’m sitting at my roommates desk in the basement, my chair is in my room right now, so I film videos at her desk haha. When you pass an inner window with something that looks just a little junky, stop, look, and see the amazing things in the basement. However the mold on the basement studs was much more serious for the basement must have been wet for a very long time. When I was a girl growing up in the late 1950s, my Auntie’s row house still had a coal bin and a basement kitchen that was warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The upper stories were residential while the high basement provided commercial space. Riding around town taking pictures is so much fun, if you can find a place to park!

They’d open the basement door, or a downstairs window, and place a fan blowing out in an upper window, blowing out the heat and drawing up the cooler air below. If you want to copy it from Google images, just type the first line into the search box, then hit images and there it is! I loved the rhythmic sound of repeating the Whatzit’s name, and I enjoyed the story where Harry the child beats the silly (but scary-looking) monster in the basement. And like a young knight, Harry faces down his own fears to go looking for his mother, even if he is afraid of what is down in the basement.

The land is becoming more and more expensive these days and building regulations usually don’t allow going beyond ground plus one story so, people have no option other than to build a basement in order to increase the covered area. This is not all; a basement also provides a firm footing to the house in unstable soil found in areas like reclaimed land near the seashore or land filled wet lands So, basement infect has a dual purpose. Constructing a basement requires extreme precautions otherwise, a leakage is almost inevitable.Basement Ideas

We know it from the Archimedes Principle that; the water-pressure upon the exterior of basement container (raft and walls), is equal to the weight of water displaced. Just imagine the volume of basement and the weight of water that has been displaced by it and you can have some idea, of the pressure. Similarly most people don’t have any idea, as to what is most important precaution while constructing a basement. It is always better to have back-up plans like making a canal around the basement at least 2 Ft. deep to ensure that water does not rise up to the raft.

Furthermore it is advisable to make two wells (4 Ft. deep and 4 Ft. wide) diagonally opposite in the basement pit. That is; even if the seepage is stopped from inside the basement by application of Crystalline Waterproofing Material, this damage continues to grow and the the waterproofing may only provide dry surface inside the basement but not fix the problem completely. Always remember that the most vulnerable points of leakage in a basement is usually the structural joint.

Basement Ideas

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