Vinyl FlooringOne advantage of sheet vinyl flooring is that it has fewer seams than other materials will show up as ps when the sheet is glued down. I read in different articles that it is a good idea to walk on all the tiles to press them firmly to the floor with the weight. Over the last six months, the Ecology Center researchers tested 65 flooring tiles for substances that have been linked to asthma, birth defects, learning disabilities, reproductive problems, liver toxicity, and cancer. The flooring tiles were sampled from five national flooring retailers: Ace Hardware, , Lowe’s, Lumber Liquidators, and Menards.

Most Vinyl tile flooring samples tested contained one or more hazardous chemicals. Fifty eight percent of vinyl flooring tiles tested contain phthalate plasticizers, which are hazardous and are subject to a pending ban in the European Union. Moreover, almost all (89 percent) of vinyl flooring samples tested contained organic tin-based stabilizers. Home Depot has made a commitment to phase out phthalates by the end of 2015, and has a more comprehensive policy than the competitors surveyed. Healthier flooring options included bio-based linoleum, natural rubber and ceramic tile.Vinyl Flooring

As of their first quarter of 2015, Home Depot had accomplished 85 percent of the phase-out. Other retailers that were surveyed, Ace Hardware, , Lowe’s, and Menards, did not respond to letters and have no publicly available policies on phthalates in flooring. The poorest performing retailers: Lumber Liquidators and Ace Hardware, had phthalates in 100 percent of the flooring samples tested. Phthalates can migrate out of flooring materials and get into the air and dust inside homes. Yet carpet also needs a quality padding that adds $200 to $300 for every six feet of carpet, plus professional installation.

And, wood wears better than carpeting and is less maintenance, so you’ll pay less money for a more durable, longer lasting floor. When looking at economical flooring options that are ideal for home investments, wood is always the best. If you stick with engineered wood floors, you can do the installation yourself, as it uses a simple snap-and-lock installation method that doesn’t require hammers, nails or glues. Engineered wood is also most versatile, as it can be installed just about anywhere in the home, unlike solid wood that has its limitations. Repair and Reglue Sheet Vinyl Floors, We’ll show you two ways to fix a loose seam in a vinyl floor.

Vinyl flooring continues to be the most economical choice of flooring, although it won’t add value to the home. Vinyl requires no underlayment or padding, so the cost of the materials will make up for the bulk of the project. Vinyl has come a long way and now includes sheet vinyl that provides a seam-free look, or you can install vinyl tiles using the handy self-stick backing. Vinyl is also available in wood planks that have an adhesive on the back, giving you a faux wood floor for a low cost.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Wood Flooring
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