Vinyl FlooringA new study found that most vinyl flooring tested contained toxic phthalates, a number of which have been banned in children’s products since 2009. In the event of floods or other messes, loose lay vinyl planks can be simply lifted up to be cleaned and to allow the subfloor to dry before being replaced. Click together vinyl planks can also be lifted and replaced, although not as simply as their loose lay counterparts. Unlike carpet, which traps allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander, vinyl floors don’t retain irritating particles. Vinyl flooring is available with a range of wear layers designed to suit your home’s needs. Our trained flooring experts are a call, click, or an email away, standing by to help you pick the right discount floor for your family.Vinyl Flooring

Some vinyl floors are meant for light foot traffic, others for moderate or normal traffic in a home, while still others are made to withstand heavy activity in a home or in a commercial setting. Now grouped into a category called resilient flooring,” today’s vinyl floors are manufactured using the latest advances in flooring technology. Also one of the most affordable flooring materials out there, vinyl is easy to install over most existing flooring, and it’s easy to maintain.

Available in sheets, tiles, or planks, today’s vinyl flooring comes in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and trendy designs, with many high-end styles impressively mimicking the look and textures of popular materials such as real ceramic tile, stone, and wood. It is highly resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture, making it one of the most popular flooring options for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and just about any room in which occasional spills and moisture are a concern. Vinyl’s built-in cushiony underlayment also makes it warmer and softer underfoot than real tile, stone, or wood.

With printed vinyl, patterns are printed using a paper top coat placed directly on a thin vinyl surface and then covered with several layers of clear vinyl or urethane to produce a protective wear layer. Also referred to as rotovinyl, this type of vinyl is a more affordable option to inlaid vinyl but is less durable. However, I will mention that the pattern in which you place the tiles really does matter.

Inlaid vinyl floors achieve their color and textured surface through a process that places tiny vinyl granules on the backing, forcing them up to the wear surface. This creates a much heavier, extremely durable floor, as vinyl is used throughout the entire thickness of the flooring. For residential use, vinyl is available in a few different formats, including sheet vinyl, solid vinyl tiles, and luxury vinyl tiles/planks. When installed, this single sheet of vinyl is rolled flat and cut to the shape of the floor.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring
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