Vinyl FlooringIf you’re a do-it-yourself type homeowner who is thinking about the benefits of wood flooring for your home then you may want to consider installing vinyl wood plank floors. The cost savings of vinyl wood flooring compared to solid wood flooring happens to be one important factor you can’t ignore. Today, companies are capable of producing incredibly realistic looking wood floors out of vinyl material. However, the one major drawback of vinyl wood plank floors are their inability to be re-finished and relatively short life-span compare to solid wood floors.

Another important aspect of vinyl wood flooring that makes it attractive to homeowners is the ease in maintaining it. Just a damp mop with some all-purpose cleaner is all that’s required to clean these floors. Depending on the thickness, manufacturer, and foot traffic volume, vinyl wood plank floors last about an average of 5 to 8 years. Solid wood floors afford the homeowner the ability to re-finish them several times, even allowing for the ability to change stain variations and colors. Most homeowners would prefer to avoid the inconvenience associated with replacing any type of flooring in high traffic areas such as hallways and Kitchens.Vinyl Flooring

But what really makes vinyl wood flooring so attractive to handy homeowners is the ease in which these floors are installed. When considering installing one of these floors it’s important to know that they can be installed over both a concrete or wood sub-floor. It’s also recommended to seal the concrete subfloor to protect against moisture before installing a vinyl floor.

Unlike wood flooring, vinyl wood plank floors don’t require a miter saw to complete the cuts around the room. The vinyl material allows planks to be cut to size with nothing more than a good utility knife and an accurate tape measure. For beginning handymen, installing one of these vinyl floors in an Entrance Hall, Kitchen, or even Bathroom could be great first project to tackle. It’s no wonder with installation aspects such as these, plus the overall low cost of vinyl flooring, why these floors are so attractive to the average homeowner. The options for a specific wood look are similar between hardwood and vinyl planks.

Now, consumers have countless options in styles and colors to choose from when it comes to vinyl wood plank floors. Because it’s so easy to install and requires very little tools, even a novice do-it-yourself homeowner could install a vinyl wood plank floor with great results. Luxury vinyl does excellent against scratches and dents due to the very thick upper layer manufactured from high quality, virgin PVC. Ok, I know this one may puzzle you, but some consumers feel that hardwood (and ceramic) looks great but is cold and uncomfortable on bare feet.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring
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