Vinyl FlooringA soft spot in the floor of your RV-whether is a Motorhome, pop-up, or camper traile,r is something you simply cannot ignore. Laminate flooring really is easy to install, looks wonderful when you’re done and can completely change the visual perception of a room making it appear longer or wider depending on the direction that you lay it. There are many other pluses to it such as maintenance and cleanliness also. Flooring is usually laid in same direction as the main window in the room faces.Vinyl Flooring

However, in a narrow basement room with no windows or very small, high ones you can lay the flooring width-wise to give the room the illusion of being wider. If the distance at one end is 24 feet and the distance at the other end is 24 feet 3 inches, then the flooring isn’t going to be square with the room once you get to the last row and the distance between the wall and the edge of the flooring will be too great for a trim to cover. A couple strips of masking tape across the top works just fine and makes sure the flooring stays square. If I may, I’d like to offer one more tip for ya that a lot of DIYers don’t know about laminate flooring.

Susanne, we have to change the flooring our preschool classroom by the end of this term. Just a thought..Engineered laminate flooring is not meant to be glued or fastened. We installed Wilsonart wood laminart in our familyroom kitchen area, about 500 sq feet 12 years ago. Only issue is now I want to extend the flooring into my living room and the Maple has been discontinued so I’m kind of stuck.

You can get a 4′ x 4′ sheet of hardboard and cover it with vinyl tiles, or perhaps a sheet of linoleum. Maybe adding a thin moulding around the floor so that the walls of the playpen just fit inside might prevent the accidental movement on to a tail as the moulding will keep the walls in place on the flooring. You may have to make the flooring piece wider by the width of the moulding times two. Concrete acid staining can make a regular concrete floor look like expensive stone flooring.

When it’s finished, stained concrete looks a little like marble, but more mottled and varegated and less uniform. The mistaken spilling of the contaminants will just add to the cost of the staining process because these are very hard if not impossible to remove and are not very attractive if exposed during the staining process. It sells for around $200.00 and if you are going to be doing a lot of staining it is well worth the cost.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring & Tiles For Bathrooms & Kitchens
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