Vinyl FlooringThere was a new install and of course we want to show you everything that we do… so here are some photos of the new LVT/ Wood plank flooring. The floor board is a cement board made especially for applications such as installing stone floor tiles. For the linoleum tiles areas at the front and back entrances, no floor board is required, but the tiles surface should be roughed up with coarse sandpaper prior to tiling. It would be less tile cutting and faster to lay three full tiles down and then cut a 2 inch strip along the wall, but it would not look balanced.Vinyl Flooring

You will also need to purchase new finishing borders for where your tiles will meet other floors or even stairway landings. It is best to take a sample of your tiles with you to a home renovation or flooring store and have someone match up the styles that will fit your needs. Since tiles come in different thicknesses, it is very important you purchase the right borders to match the thickness of your tiles. You can either lay down all the full tiles first and then do all the cutting later or you can make all of your cuts first.

Once you have cut enough tiles to last one batch of mortar, you are ready to start laying the tiles in place. Draw a guideline down the length of the floor so you know where to place your first tiles. If you lay the tiles down in a line following one of the walls and it turns out the wall does not run straight, your tiles will look crooked once in place.

Take your metal trowel and spread over the floor area enough mortar to cover at least 3 to 4 tiles at a time. Scrape over the mortar using the tooth edge of the trowel so that the mortar looks like a plowed farmers field. The slate stone tiles can be a liitle fragile until they are cemented in place so do not tap them with a rubber mallet. Place spacers between the tiles to help keep the tiles alligned in a uniform pattern.

Slate stone tiles can also vary in their thicknesses, so be sure to examine each one and select only the ones that are uniform enough to match your surface. I had several stone tiles that I could not use at all as they were either too thin or too thick. Once you have all of your stones mortared in place, next step will be to grout in all of the spaces between the tiles. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to remove all of the spacers between the tiles.

Vinyl Flooring

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