Earlier, when you had to shift your home or office from one place to another, you had to spend a lot of time or rather days in packing the whole stuff into boxes and then moving all those things to the new place and then again unpacking them and setting them in the new place. All this used to be such a tiring and time-consuming task. But now there is a solution to this tiring, stressful situation, the Moving Companies.

There are a number of singapore based mover companies that are gaining a lot of popularity amongst the crowd for their services. They help you from start to end of your moving procedure, right from the packing to moving to unpacking. They have special equipment and tools to manage all the services properly and most effectively without causing any damage to your belongings.

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The Different Moving Companies

There are some moving companies based on the type of service they provide or the location you are moving to.

Based On The Location You Are Moving The Various Movers Are:

  • Local Move: helps you moving your belongings from one place to another within the state boundaries.
  • Long Distance Move: they help you move away to larger distances which are normally more than 100 miles away.
  • Interstate Move: they don’t consider the area or distance you are moving rather they charge by the things you are moving and their weights.
  • International Move: they help you move from one country to another.
  • Small Local Move: they charge by the volume of the goods you are moving. They take less than a 2000 pound weight in one move.

Based On The Type Of Services There Are Several Types Of Movers Like:

Full-Service Movers: they take care of all the packing unpacking and moving. You need not move even a finger it is their responsibility to handle everything.

Self-Service Movers: in this type of service they just load and deliver your belongings, and you have to pack and unpack the whole thing yourself. You are freed from heavy lifting.

Do-It-Yourself Truck Rental: in these services you have to do everything on your own like packing, unpacking, loading, unloading even moving. They just give you the truck, and you have to drive it yourself.

Specialized Movers: they are for special belongings like antiques, instruments or any brittle item which need special attention and more care.

Commercial Movers: they are specialized in moving your office belongings.

Other Essential Factors

Movers may be of different types, and you can choose by the type of help and support or the distance or the money you want to spend on moving. But taking help from professional movers is a good idea rather than doing it all on your own because you can save that time and do something useful.

Types Of Moving Companies You Can Choose From