Bathroom DesignIt all started with me washing the floor in my very dated, very sinfully wallpapered guest bathroom. The experienced team at Lang’s will help you complete the look of your new bathroom by selecting the right bathroom fixtures from a wide selection from top manufacturers. We can help you create a day spa in your master bathroom and provide customized storage for your kids’ bathroom. Your new bathroom can be designed to complement your elegant home d├ęcor or to conform to the dimensions and style of your historic home. At Lang’s Kitchen & Bath we have bathroom solutions that will enhance your lifestyle!

Whatever requirements you have for your next bathroom remodel, the experienced designers at Lang’s Kitchen & Bath can help you. Our designers will take you through the bathroom design process and then ensure your remodeling project is successfully managed to completion in a stress-free manner. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with there are all sorts of specialized fixtures now available (online or at home stores) with space savings in mind such wall mounted toilets and sinks.

A lot of the space allowances do overlap and each scenario is unique but these pictures and measurements will certainly give you some parameters including bathrooms designed to accommodate the needs of someone using a wheel chair which we will introduce in our next blog post. One theme in particular stood out for me in terms of its relevance to good bathroom design. Good bathroom organisation will create a great deal of space, while leaving the room aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Manufacturers, such as Roper Rhodes bathroom furniture, specialise in bathroom design and accessories, and so, the first port of call when considering a bathroom refurbishment for your home, is to consult such as designer. Bathroom cabinets, although frequently expensive, can add valuable storage space to any bathroom. Many people neglect to consider exposed shelves as potential bathroom furniture.Bathroom Design

Bathroom cabinets can double as other functional pieces too, for example, some have plumbing and enable the attachment of a sink or bidet, and others have a mirrored front, thus doubling as a mirror. Corner bathroom cabinets offer the best means of maximising space, as corners often create redundant spaces, with little use. There are many different designs of bathroom cabinet, some offer a contemporary feel to a bathroom, such as those designed by Roper Rhodes, others, offer a more traditional feel, such as bespoke bathroom cabinets, made by professional carpenters.

Bathroom Design

Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas
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