Nothing will ruin your summer fun faster than mosquitoes dive bombing you in your own backyard. If you want to keep mosquitoes at bay, then you need to follow smart mosquito prevention measures to keep them away. Here is a look at the top five methods you can use for mosquito control on your property.

1. Remove Standing Water 

If you have standing water around your property, then you might as well open up a mosquito motel. Any stagnant water will be quickly commandeered for a breeding ground by mosquito populations. To prevent this, you need to avoid letting puddles sit around outside after it rains. Also, any pools or ponds on your property should be aerated well to keep mosquitoes from invading them. 

2. Keep Your Yard Kempt 

Mosquitoes love to find the cool shade in long grass. It is one of their favorite hiding spots to escape the heat of the day. If you always cut your grass regularly, it will go a long way towards keeping mosquitoes away this summer. 

3. Get Rid of Old Junk 

You would be amazed at the odd spots that can collect water for mosquitoes to breed. A bottle cap of water is enough to give the bloodsuckers a place to lay their eggs. You should go on regular litter patrols around your property to make sure there are no spots that can collect rainfall to provide mosquitoes a foothold. If you have old appliances, tires or other similar useless junk stored somewhere outside, remove it to keep mosquitoes at bay. 

4. Beautify and Protect 

One of the smartest ways to protect your home from mosquitoes is to put in plants that are natural mosquito repellents. There are loads of beautiful plants that will look great on your property and keep away mosquitoes. Try plants like citronella grass, lemon eucalyptus, marigolds, peppermint and lavender to beautify your landscaping and keep mosquitoes away. 

5. Turn to the Professionals 

The best ways to ensure that you keep mosquitoes from annoying you at your home is to turn to professional mosquito control experts. With the help of the Mosquito Squad of the Lowcountry, powerful mosquito spraying will eliminate the threat of mosquitoes on your property. It is the easy way to make mosquitoes stay away from your family and friends when you enjoy your yard. 

By using these five mosquito control methods, you will be set to keep mosquitoes from ruining your summer. Combining multiple mosquito prevention measures together ensures you have the best chance to stay on top of mosquitoes all summer long. Make sure to regularly inspect your yard for standing water sources, and these five measures will be all you need to stay mosquito-free.

Top Five Mosquito Control Methods