Basement IdeasSome damp problems, like rising damp, will need professional advice, but genuine rising damp is rare. There’s probably more to tell you, but I’m sure the message has gotten across to those thinking of heating with a wood stove in the basement. Uhhh the $800 you that you spent putting the woodstove upstairs probably would have finished off half your basement. That’s a wise thought but you know, if your basement is really well insulated, like ours is not (much of the problem), then putting a stove in the basement is not that bad an idea. Never had a problem being cold over the past 5 years and the basement always stays above 40 F , even at -40 F outside. This simple project, turned our spooky old dingy basement into a ton of useful extra space, 1320 square feet to be exact, all in one weekend!

We’ve had a wood stove in our basement for thirty years and absolutely love it. Its not our sole means of heating our house, but it keeps the basement nice and dry and warm and im sure helps our overall energy bills. One of the major concerns that most people ask is whether or not Tarkett Laminate Flooring can be installed in a basement. To this end, her basement floor was painted and sealed in grass green and the walls light yellow.Basement Ideas

One package of Epoxy Shield Basement Floor Paint will cover roughly 250 sq. ft. Our floor coverage was approximately 1320 sq ft. We were able to cover this with 6 cans, it just made it, but we did it. The paint runs about $40-$60 a can, depending on where you buy it. Keep in mind this is primer, paint and sealer in one. The article below has some really good ideas on what to do with all that extra space! There’s some pretty simple practices you could employ to check if you have a damp basement, instead of rehashing all that stuff here, just do a search on google for how to check for a damp basement and you’ll find tons of ways.

One of the biggest precautions that you’ll want to take before installing basement laminate flooring is to just ensure that your concrete basement floor doesn’t have any cracks that’ll leak or that it doesn’t seep water into your basement. Ranging in design from woods to stones and naturals, you’re definitely going to find something appealing to install in your basement.

Unless you have sufficient lighting or basement windows, you might want to shy away from this collection as it might make your basement look a little on the dark side. The most important thing to care laminate flooring in basement is to avoid too much water or moisture touch the core of the flooring planks. I would love Armstrong laminate flooring, that’s what I installed in my basement last year and now the color still nice. Controlling my stash meant moving most of my fabric into a dark closet shelf where it won’t be exposed to the sun. I was taught by my Grandmother – Goldie – that the basement should be neat and tidy.

Basement Ideas

To Reinvent With Basement Design Ideas
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