Keeping your furnace operational throughout the colder months of the year is essential. This equipment is responsible for maintaining a comfortable and safe indoor environment regardless of how brutally cold it is outside. Unfortunately, furnaces can breakdown from time to time, and they often require prompt service. The most obvious sign that you need to schedule furnace repair service is when the system completely stops working. However, there are a few other signs that may indicate the need for professional service.

Airflow Is Weak

When your furnace turns on, you understandably expect the system to deliver a much-needed stream of warm air throughout your home. However, you may notice that your home feels increasingly chilly or that the furnace seems to be working harder than usually. If you put your hand up to the vent, you may notice that a weak stream of air is emitted. This is often caused by a dirty air filter, so you can replace the air filter initially to see if that helps. Otherwise, scheduling professional repair service is a great step to take. Likewise, service is needed when the air does not seem to be warm enough.

Energy Bills Are Higher

Your heating expense will adjust from month to month based on changes in your usage of the equipment and on fluctuating weather conditions. In some cases, you may notice a sudden and unexplained increase in energy costs. This is a sign that your heater is not functioning in the most efficient manner possible. In many instances, inefficiency is the result of damaged or dirty components that require attention from a licensed HVAC professional.

The Equipment Sounds Unusual

Most furnaces emit some sounds when they turn on and off, and this is to be expected. When you turn your furnace on, you generally should expect to hear the same muffled sound. In the event that you notice clanging, banging, squealing or other unusual sounds, prompt repair service is needed. Some of these sounds could be caused by potentially very serious problems, so you may wish to turn your furnace off until it can be inspected by a professional.

Some people who notice unusual signs with furnace usage may put off scheduling repair service as long as the equipment continues to keep their home warm. Keep in mind that scheduling prompt furnace repair service at the first sign of damage may keep repair costs to a minimum. This step may also help you to avoid having to deal with an urgent repair request related to a complete breakdown. If you have noticed any of these signs or if your furnace is acting unusual in other ways, now is the time to schedule repair service for your furnace.

Three Signs Your Furnace Requires Repair Service