Almost all of us have had experience with plumbers at one point, and while you may get lucky and find an excellent plumber, you can also be unlucky and hire a plumber who gives you less than what you expect. But there’s a way to reduce your choice of plumber from a ‘trial and error’ process to a process that gives you more of a guarantee of good work, proper qualifications, and reasonable pricing. So how can you then make sure that you are choosing the proper plumber? Here are the top four ways to find the right plumber in your area.

  1. Rely on recommendations

If you are looking for a plumber, it’s best to go for one who is near your home. Their distance from your home needs to be reasonable; otherwise, you could end up paying for additional transport costs. For example, if you are in Muswell Hill or nearby, it makes sense to look for plumbers in Muswell Hill. To search for a local plumber, you could rely on recommendations and word-of-mouth. Ask your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and acquaintances if they know of a plumber or plumbing service which has done some above-average work for them in the past. Here’s another way to ask for recommendations: if you know another tradesperson, such as a builder or electrician, ask them the same thing, as their contacts could be invaluable as well.

  1. Check on social media

Nowadays, more companies and trades people are on social media, so it may be well worth your while to check if there are plumbers or plumbing services near your place of residence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other such sites. The good thing about having a plumber or plumbing service on social media is that you can see their account page or profile, and you can check if there are any positive (or negative) reviews from past customers.  If they have a social media account, you can also check how well they interact with customers and customer queries.

  1. Try to get quotes by phone

While some people would discourage trying to get quotes by telephone, it may be a good idea to at least ask for an estimate of the cost for whatever work you need to be done. We all know that your budget is a primary consideration when choosing a plumbing service, so try to give them as much detail about the work as possible and ask if they can provide you with a cost estimate. If their cost estimate sounds too high (or even too low), you can also ask them about their reasons for giving you such an estimate. It would also be wise to get three telephone quotes as a minimum, so you can compare rates and prices.

  1. Ask them for any references

It’s also best not to be afraid to ask a potential plumbing service if they have any references; this helps you assess the kind of work that they can do. If you can, call their previous clients as well so that you will know directly from their past clients about the work they are capable of doing or not doing.

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The Top Four Ways to Find the Right Plumber in Your Area