Based on the results of scientific studies, it turns out the cannabis plant has a positive value, of course, if the plant is utilized properly. If used incorrectly will destroy the young generation, because it becomes the raw materials of drugs.

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The positive side of the marijuana produced, will be used as various materials for the industry. Because cannabis plant stems turned out to have a pretty good fiber for paper. Even the raw material for paper one hectare of cannabis plant is equivalent to 4.1 hectares of wood. This comparison in the same age between the trees with cannabis plants. This of course can overcome the problem of illegal tree felling were rife at this time where the trees were one of them is used as a raw material for making paper, so deforestation can be resolved, and floods and landslides are frequent rainy season can be resolved.

The benefits of cannabis cultivation is quite clear, while the risk is also very real. Therefore, there are some considerations that can be used as a reference, among others, whichever is greater, benefit or harm. Second, what if legalized a limited basis. In terms of the benefits of marijuana medically and economically beneficial. Economically fiber and oil can bring huge foreign exchange if exported, while medical marijuana could be the basic ingredients of the drug. While the harm is marijuana can destroy not only individuals but also communities and even countries. So if it is considered far greater harm than the perceived benefits of cannabis, spurring us to act to keep the counter action if there is an idea legality of marijuana distribution.

The positive side of the marijuana produced