Bathroom DesignCheck out our bathroom renovations, bathroom storage ideas and bathroom cleaning tips for every home. When my grandmother’s 1950s free standing larder became mine we had nowhere to put it so I dismantled it for the wood keeping the glass and enamel bread board in the event that I could find a future use for them. The picture above shows an old mirror I salvaged from an old dressing table and with the aid of modern mirror mounting clips rehung as a wall mirror in our remodelled bathroom.

Then just a few years ago we decided to remodel the dining room, and as part of the redesign decided to replace book shelves with a built in welsh dresser above an existing built in cupboard (set into the alcove); matching the design and colour of the Welsh Dresser (with the three drawers) to the built in cupboard below. As part of the design I decided to use some of the small decorative glass panes and incorporate them into the two doors.Bathroom Design

Project management consultant – Green Des Lab provides consulting and educational services in the field of Green Architecture Design, Green Design Architecture & Architecture and structural design consultant. I find it way too cool and I wish there were more people coming up with such creative ideas for their door decorations. Am just dropping by again to have another look at your brilliant innovative ideas.

It brightens up any place and makes it a comfy room to be in. It has 125 strands which help greatly have the designs sharp, crisp and really detailed. Actually it has a funny effect that the design looks even more awesome when the light is not shining at it, like during the evening or night. If you like the 70’s and 80’s, this beaded curtain with a mirror disco ball design will fit right in with your style. Here are a few online tutorials that will help you make your own curtain of glass or other material beads.

We had beaded doors when I was a teen – haven’t even thought about them since then but your lens has some fantastic ideas. In 2009 we received three awards with two separate projects….Waverly kitchen & Queens Park bathroom both similar in the design layout…long and narrow spaces. If it was designed with simple and modern design that is definitely in the bathroom will feel comfortable that too peengaruh on the concept and literature of the hotel as well. See below some of the design of the bathroom if someday you as managers to tender, may be inspired by this article.

Bathroom Design

The Latest Bathroom Design Trends
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