Living Room DesignIf you have an extra space next to your long sofa, then why not use the side tables for living room. Besides the presence of accessories, including a chandelier can make the room into an elegant decoration. The artwork on the walls and decorative flowers on the table you can make decor inspiration of traditional style Of course, there are different effect on the variation of decoration. Material that is often used in the living room traditional design, including the large-sized ceramic, marble and wood and granite. You do not need to force yourself to choose a more expensive because if any of placing your furniture will not work with either your living room.

But to beautify the room is usually on the floor covered with carpet chart with attractive shades of color and it is not uncommon that uses beads to make it look more luxurious and glamorous. Contemporary in living room designs can be described as modern style, which is characterized by smooth surfaces, clean lines, simple shapes, patterns and faint minimum decor. Primary colors that are used in contemporary living room designs, are white, black, brown and beige.

But if you want to add a room depth and make it more interesting, look at the complex nuances. There is no place for curlicues, decorative delights, pretentiousness, which is inherent in many classic styles. Contemporary living room furniture usually performed in a neutral color, most often use black, brown, gray and white. Harmoniously will look natural fabrics such as fur, cotton, wool, linen, they will add texture to the contemporary living room. In contemporary living room you can apply large abstract painting hanging over the sofa. A Vastu compliant living room attracts positive vibes which in turn attract wealth, happiness and prosperity in your home.

In this hub, I am presenting some simple and easy vastu tips which you should follow to make your living room vastu compliant. Living room should be in North which is the best suited direction as it brings wealth and prosperity in home. For a North or East facing house, living room can be in the North-East direction and in the North-West for a West facing house. Exposed beams in the living room are not good as they may cause discord, disharmony and difference of opinions among the family members.

Furniture arrangement should be such that it gives allowance for free movement from the living room into other rooms. Avoid fixing a chandelier right in the center of the living room because it’s not advisable according to Vastu Shastra. Do not hang any portrait depicting negative energies e.g. war, crime, weeping women/children, wild animals etc in the living room. North-East corner of the living room should be kept neat and empty if possible.

Living Room DesignLiving Room Design

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