Bamboo FlooringBamboo flooring become in style among householders as a result of it provides many benefits for home interior. Twice we have had leaks that required the floors being ripped up and since there are no breaks in the flooring in the the entire downstairs, the floors needed to be refinished everywhere. All in all it was worth it, though, because if you spend 3/4 of your time at home in the kitchen as I do, wood is so much more forgiving to these 40-ish bones! My parents have always had wood floors in the kitchen and have never had any issues.

On one hand, wood flooring with no tile transition is wonderful, on the other hand, wood flooring in the kitchen takes a beating. Not to mention, I feel a kitchen floor takes and needs a more complete cleaning on a regular basis. I have wood in my kitchen and love it. But I’d go with the real deal: no laminate or engineered. I have maple hardwoods in my open kitchen that are original to my little 1930’s home.

I have rugs everywhere so even though they should be easier to clean I have all these rugs in the kitchen to deal with. A few years ago, the water line to their fridge froze and burst, and the kitchen flooded. We installed wood floors in our kitchen because we wanted a continuous floor throughout our open concept home. That being said, our kitchen gets tons of traffic from hosting and our 3 kids and is really beat up now.

We have the same hardwoods throughout the entire first floor (even in the kitchen) with the exception of the mudroom (we have slate). When we first looked at it, there was some damage done by wet boots at the kitchen door, and I worried more of the same would be inevitable, but I’ve found that not to be the case. The only issue we’ve had is that the kitchen is a zone where heavy or sharp things get dropped sometimes, and that means it’s by far the most dented and banged up part of our bamboo floors, which run throughout the entire house (bathrooms excepted). Our family room and kitchen are so open I think it would look awkward with tile or something else in the kitchen.

When we remodeled our kitchen, I went with a sheet fiberglass/vinyl stuff which wears great, cleans easily, and is a good contrast with the adjacent flooring. I really love it and don’t understand why more people don’t go with flooring like that. We really stressed about the transitions because we had three different flooring types that met the cork (2 kinds of tile and hardwood) but our contractor did a great job and honestly, I don’t even notice them now. I believe Marmoleum is one name it goes by here in the US. However, the single rolled sheet does need professional installation.

Bamboo FlooringBamboo Flooring

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