Bamboo FlooringDid you know that strand woven bamboo flooring has double the strength of domestic oak? Full length windows, skylights or large glass areas allow direct sunlight to flood a room increasing room temperatures and lowering moisture causing flooring to shrink. Carpet Call has noticed a great deal of hype building around Bamboo flooring but we are not buying into it. Carpet Calls timber team was staggered with number of complaints from homeowners who installed Bamboo flooring they found whilst researching on the internet.

Simply put, Bamboo flooring is manufactured by harvesting Bamboo grass and using glues to bind it together. Carpet Call found whilst researching that glues can make up to 20% of any Bamboo flooring plank. Further research revealed that despite Bamboo rapid growth, it requires up to seven years to reach full maturity yet most manufacturers harvest after only 6 months growth resulting in a less durable product requiring higher levels of glue.

Even if we were to over- look the manufacturing process, our team at Carpet Call are not comfortable with information regarding the performance of Bamboo flooring once installed. One of the most disturbing complaints about Bamboo flooring that Carpet Call found whilst researching on the internet was linked to the use of glues. The website / reported that heavy use of glues to bind the bamboo grass together resulted in many health concerns from installers. Our Carpet Call timber expert was keen to find out the truth about Bamboo Flooring.

Claims were made that high levels of formaldehyde in the glues were released during installation or repair stages of bamboo flooring. One of our Carpet Call team pulled out the Janka Test ratings for timber as she had read on a website that Bamboo was a hard durable timber. Once the advancements in Bamboo match the advancements made in laminate flooring we will then reconsider.

Horizontal Bamboo was a low 5.87, Vertical Bamboo was 6.58 and Strand Bamboo was 16.10. Our team found it very difficult to confirm which style is used by most manufacturers. You’ve taken time to research timber flooring before you head into your closest Carpet Call store. Carpet Call installers will tell every customer that the timber flooring they have installed will adjust and respond to its environment not only for the next 12 months but for the life of the floor. Timber flooring is always at battle with adjustments in humidity and temperature that occur naturally and forced with the use of air-conditioners and heaters.Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

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