Bamboo FlooringEcoTimber Bamboo Flooring – Manufacturer, importer and distributor of Bamboo flooring and hardwood flooring from sustainably-harvested sources. Now it is time to re-do our bedroom flooring and take out the carpet- so, we don’t see any other solution other than tile! Another argument for installing the hardwood floors first before the kitchen cabinets is the fact that you may want to remodel in the future. If this is the case, then you will either have to lay more wood flooring or make a different plan to cover the subfloor. And we won’t even discuss hardwood flooring repairs under the cabinets should they be moved in the future.

The pro’s who think that cabinets should be installed before the flooring will quickly point out that there is a great potential for damage to the floors by installing the cabinets last. The thought process goes that cabinet installation will have a greater chance of ruining the floors as they are set. For starters, builders and GCs are not willing to pay even decent rates for flooring work.

The cabinet first pro’s will quickly point out that since most hardwood will discolor when exposed to light, if the remodel is 5+ years or more, chances are the wood underneath the cabinets isn’t going to match the kitchen floors and will need to be replaced anyways. If you forsee a major kitchen remodel in the near future, then laying hardwood flooring throughout your kitchen would probably be the best best.Bamboo Flooring

However, if you intend to sell your house or the remodel will be years from now, then it really won’t matter whether you install the cabinets first or you install the flooring first. The 2nd problem is that the GC and/or builder know enough about flooring to be dangerous and not nearly enough to be proficient. In the flooring industry, there is so much to know about all the different types of flooring, that only someone who spends all of their time in the industry can be helpful.

I cannot count the number of times I see mid-grade and often cheap pre-finished flooring installed in nice homes. Job installing pre-finished flooring, they insist that pre-finished flooring is the only option. If they don’t use someone who has an excellent reputation you can verify on Angie’s List or similar site, I would find the flooring company on your own. In my years in the flooring business, I have seen, worked on, and installed many maple floors. That said, many flooring contractors will say they can stain maple and then proceed to do a horrible job.

Bamboo Flooring

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