Wood PlanksThere are many ways in which you can render the looks of wood to the floor. There are basically three main ingredients and they are a latex based base color paint which is used to paint the un-painted wood surface first. Make sure that if you buy individual planks that you attache the entire section by nailing to wood beams across the top and bottom half of the entire section. But don’t worry, you can use both sides of the wood section by painting each side in a different color scheme. As if making your own crackled wood photo backdrop wasn’t enough, this medium can be used on almost anything and the list of DIY home craft projects is almost endless.Wood Planks

Also great is that this project can be done on heavy cloth type materials like muslin or painter’s tarp or basically any heavy type cloth and it also works (in my opinion not as good as with wood) on metal surfaces. I do love the softer feel and warmth of real wood underfoot, but sometimes it really makes sense to use a wood tile instead. Pergo is a laminate product and wood look tiles are ceramic or porcelain tiles with a wood pattern on top. I might go the tile option as opposed to wood…but I am considering all my options.

Because tile is completely waterproof and scratch resistant (I wish I could say the same for my wood floors we put in only two years ago…), it is a super smart option for homes built on concrete slabs and for pet owners. I would think that most people would own the wood tile look, isntead of trying to pass it off as real wood floors. We are now considering replacing the (20 year old, UGLY) tile in our kitchen and the carpet in the dining room with wood tile. Once we got to the toilet, I had to disconnect it, so I could stick some of the planks under the toilet base.

I think the best (and sadly more expensive route) is to buy solid wood treads in the species of wood that your tile is mimicking and stain the treads to match. There are so many down sides to real wood, I think there will always be great wood alternative products out there. The wood planks can just be cut with a utility knife, so we got to cutting the strips where we needed them, to finish things up. Any tree works and it will likely be one of the first achievements you get in Minecraft.

When high gloss laminate flooring is made, a photographic appliqué of the desired wood grain, tile, or stone pattern is adhered to the top of each plank and sealed in under a tough, clear top coat. Kitchens and bathrooms are generally bright and cheery rooms that feature yellows and light blues on a white or off-white background. High gloss laminate flooring comes in practically every wood grain hue imaginable, from bleached pine to nearly black wenge.

Wood Planks

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