Bamboo FlooringThe entire downstairs level of our home is hardwoods and we have to sweep and mop weekly. So there is no doubt that bamboo flooring has become a durable, beautiful, and sustainable alternative to traditional rain forest harvested hardwoods. Bamboo charcoal has a high porosity that makes it very good for absorbing toxic and unwanted substances. The most common instance of using bamboo charcoal in Japanese cuisine is in the case of white rice.

A couple of slices of bamboo charcoal are placed in the rice cooker with water and cleaned white rice. As the rice cooks the bamboo charcoal absorbs the chlorine and other unwanted chemicals in the water. By putting bamboo charcoal in the hot oil the tempura becomes crispier and the aroma of the food is improved. If bamboo charcoal is used in the preparation the resulting pickles are chewier and tastier. A recent development in Japanese cooking is the use of bamboo powder in the broth of noodles dishes.Bamboo Flooring

In all cases of bamboo charcoal used in cooking there is no taste of charcoal in the final dish because bamboo charcoal is tasteless and odorless. As mentioned before bamboo charcoal contains a number of useful minerals that are good for the health. It also contains bamboo vinegar that is a popular natural medicine in the East that is used for detoxifying the blood. The possibilities for using bamboo charcoal in cooking are not limited to a few Japanese dishes. Bamboo charcoal has other uses in the kitchen besides in the preparation of food.

Bamboo charcoal can also be placed in the kitchen or other places in the house to regulate humidity. If the bamboo charcoal has been used for preparing food you can break it up and mix it in with the soil of a garden. It really is no surprise that bamboo charcoal is referred to as the ‘black diamond’ in Asia. The Forest Stewardship Council closely monitors the management of bamboo forests to ensure the health of the environment. Not all bamboo floors are eco-friendly, but the ones you’ll find here always are. For those with areas that receive more traffic than a normal household, you’ll certainly want to consider a stranded bamboo floor.

Originally, only solid bamboo flooring in natural or carbonized hues were offered, but their popularity paved the way for new and exciting trends. As demand grew, manufacturers began producing engineered bamboo flooring, click bamboo flooring and even HDF coreengineered bamboo in gorgeous stained finishes. If you have any questions, call one of our factory trained flooring representatives.

Bamboo Flooring

Strand Bamboo Flooring
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