Living Room DesignI’m Anna and I’m not sure what to say about myself… I’ve been an elementary school teacher for the past 15 years, I have 2 beautiful boys, and I love blogging! What I love about this design is one could change it up for each season, one could include family photos, or emphasize the love of the beach as this designer has chosen to do. The possibilities of this re-purposed molding are endless. It is critical to plan your design and incorporate the necessary craftsman with the skill set to do the job correctly. The design possibilities with plate rails in the bedroom are not limited to just country cottage chic. One of the most charming open plate rail designs I have ever seen is shown to the right.

Yes, they work very well in the casual designs but look at some of the more transitional and even traditional designs. The design shown to the right showcases how other features can be incorporated into the design of the plate rail. The black board is a fantastic communication tool and here it is offered in a convenient and decorative fashion. Hi Prasetio, design is a great way to be creative and create something beautiful.

I wish I had a video of plate rail designs to show you but in lieu of that please find below some great ideas from molding to tips on how to do your plate rail or chair rail properly. So in order to garner more ideas for your plate rail, take a fun look at this exceptional video that showcases crown molding design ideas from casual to elaborately elegant.

Keep in mind your plate rail project and use those design ideas to craft your own personalized space for your plate rail project. This room I love not just because of the molding but also because the room itself, not just the furnishings hug you. From the coffered ceiling to the crown molding to the plate rail, all come together for a finely crafted room design.

Whatever you call it, thisiscarpentry is correct – the proportion, the execution details are critical to pulling off the overall room design. Whatever room you are seeking to decorate, the wood molding can make a significant contribution. It gives lots of opportunity for drama using color, it would be easier to dust than a higher plate rail, and it allows for display of larger items like pictures. The photos or pictures were something that I had not thought of until I started researching this hub. They insert some Nordic sense of fun and humor into a room designed in winter décor.

Living Room DesignLiving Room Design

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