Vinyl FlooringMany designers are using marmoleum in their home interiors because of its versatility and ease of installation. I’ve been looking around for different tips on how to do the same thing with some of my vinyl flooring in Halifax This gave me some great ideas. I’ve been to a couple of homes recently with vinyl flooring in Vancouver BC and I like the look of it a lot! LOL I just saw those tiles the other day and was considering them for my sisters new kitchen… I’m redoing her kitchen.Vinyl Flooring

I actually like the vinyl we had put down when we built the house, so I was hoping to just keep that for a while till I figured out what I wanted to do with the floor. Sarah – I used Laticrete epoxy grout (which is flexible and comes in a TON of colors) with vinyl tile from Home Depot in my entryway (looong story about why that was the only option). The addition of glass fibre layers throughout the vinyl structure adds durability and toughness.

Anyhow, excellent job – I think it was actually fate calling you into that laundry room that day, because the new tiles are just perfect! The Carpet Call lifestyle shots in our website gallery showcase room shots of Carpet Call’s vinyl flooring range. There have been so many advancements in vinyl flooring you might even mistake vinyl flooring at a Carpet Call store for a ceramic tile or solid timber floor. Carpet Call’s two authorised vinyl suppliers, Gerflor and Pegulan have invested millions into the advancement of vinyl floors but let’s look at durability advancements alone.

Carpet Call premium vinyl ranges come with a 0.5mm polyurethane wear layer which can withstand punishing wear and tear in the family home. The textile backing minimises bumps and irregularities when you are installing the vinyl and remains level and smooth. An additional waterproof seal further protects the vinyl making it perfect for wet areas such as laundries, kitchens and bathrooms. Carpet Calls 20 years plus of experience in vinyl flooring has helped us advise our trusted suppliers in manufacturing advanced products for the tough Australian climate. Because of the nature of this space, certain special considerations have to be made before choosing flooring for your basement.

Some of the common problems include flooding and water infiltration, in which case an expert needs to be called in to remedy the problem before floor installation can be done. Carpeting is popular for basement flooring, accounting for 28% of basement flooring in the United States. One major advantage of carpeting is that it’s warmer than most flooring options. If properly installed, ceramic tiles are extremely durable, and should last as long as your house. Thicker vinyl flooring translates to higher quality, although this can also mean higher cost.

Vinyl Flooring

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