Glass DoorGliding patio doors, also called sliding glass doors, have at least one door panel that glides smoothly past another door panel to save room where you need it�inside or out. This time of year we get a little bit of an ice build up as the door is used quite a bit with letting the dogs in and out all the time. We had sliding glass doors for years and had such a hard time cleaning them, getting them off the runners. You can simply type your complaints on Glass Door and get back at the company that’s wronging you. You may not even realize you’re one of only a few people who didn’t get a raise last year, for instance, and complaining about your salary rut gives away your identity. There are likely multiple job openings listed in your own city and you can search through the reviews to get the scoop before you apply.

Glassdoor allows employees to post anonymous reviews of their companies, covering everything from salary details and workplace culture to what kind of questions to expect in interviews, and the effectiveness (or otherwise) of senior management. As with TripAdvisor, employers have the right to respond to negative reviews and, for those prepared to pay, can also post updates on vacancies and other company information. If you are just poking around to see what kinds of jobs are open, try searching for jobs by industry.Glass Door

The Wall Street Journal has previously claimed the decision to publish employers’ salary details on the platform has removed what was one of the last taboos in the workplace. You probably know you can read employee reviews on Glassdoor, but you can also get an idea of how people landed the job like applying online, getting a friend to refer them and so on. In addition to employee reviews of the company, Glassdoor is also a great source of interview questions that employees were actually asked. Glassdoor recently added a feature that lets you filter reviews by job status: full-time, part-time, contract, freelance, and interns.

So if a person searches for a delivery driver job, it shows other jobs that other people with delivery driver experience have moved into. From the Jobs Explorer page , enter a job title then click on other jobs to consider” on the right-hand box. As part of that, Glassdoor launched its On-The-Job Training Finder that shows the jobs from companies training programs, such as apprenticeships or trainee roles.

With candid reviews and ratings, employees – past and present – can leave reviews detailing their personal experiences working for the company. Second on the list for top tech companies on Glassdoor is F5 Networks , with a 4.2 star rating and 325 total reviews. Facebook is the third on the list of top tech companies on Glassdoor with a 4.5 star rating out of over 1,000 reviews.

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