Wood FloorBefore we move on to give you laminate floor cleaning tips, it is important to know what is laminate flooring and why the cleaning procedure for such a flooring should be different from normal flooring. We’ve gone for a mix depending on use, and are using the veneered in areas where the movement of the chestnut beams may be a problem and solid where ever we can get away with it. The veneer is much thicker than most engineered floor boards and will stand sanding. Make sure you get some knee protectors, the price you pay for laying your beautiful floor is a limp like Long John Silver!

Wooden floors are great in feel and to look at, but I dread the maintenance portion of it, and living in an area with a fear for termites, that would point to disastrous. Changed my wooden floors to tiles – lesser worries and maintenance need to be done now. Wood flooring is much easier to maintain compare to carpets, as carpet easily trap dust and germs. Bona Pro Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refillable Cartridge for BonaSpray Mop is easy to use.

Tiles are also good but after a while if marble is broken then it can be dangerous at least if there are children in home. Spray the cleaning product on your wood floor of 4’x6′ area and wipe it with spray mop. Wait until the floor completely dry before you are walking on it. Remember to instantly wipe the floor after you spray it to avoid a sticky floor result. To re-clean the sticky floor, wipe the area using microfiber mop immediately after you spraying it. Bona spray mop cartridge can be refilled with bona professional series wood floor cleaner in 33 ounce or in gallon.

Bona Pro Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refillable Cartridge for Bona Spray Mop is environmentally responsible. The product also has Waterborne formula that no streaking and leave no any dulling residue for your all hardwood floors. This refillable floor cleaner is much faster and easier to use than the manual mop with ordinary spray bottle that you used to have. The microfiber cleaning pads are washable and reusable for more than three hundred times.

Cleaning the hardwood floors using this Bona Pro Hardwood Floor Care System is easy and quick. First spray the wood floor cleaner to your floor area, approximately a 4’x6′, and wipe it using Bona cleaning pad with back and forward motion. Add a light pressure on the mop while you are doing it. Leave the floor dry for moments before you are walking on it. If you want concentrated formula of Bona Pro Series Hardwood Cleaner, you can buy it in 4oz or gallon.

Wood FloorWood Floor

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