Leaks, when undetected for a long time can be incredibly wasteful and costly, and could even pose a fire risk in the case of gas pipes. Regular inspection of taps, pipes, and fittings saves a lot of precious water and costly future maintenance. Here are five signs that you have a leak to fix.

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1. Damp patches
Water seepage through in-wall or underground piping may cause damp patches that encourage molds on your walls. The spots are most common in laundry rooms, washroom, or near the fridge where it’s humid.

Besides interior plumbing that could have leakage, leak detection outside your home is equally important. Look out for wet garden areas with excess vegetation, dump or unstable brick paving or exposed pipe work. Weak points along the backyard hose may also affect the efficiency of your irrigation system.

2. Rotten egg smell
Natural gas is hard to detect, which is why manufacturers add a rotten egg scent, to help you detect leaks just in time. Faulty gas lines or gas appliances are dangerous, especially in a poorly ventilated interior, as they can cause explosions and fire damage. Call in a plumbing expert to help you fix your gas leakage.

3. Leaking toilet faucets
Leaking toilets can be the most wasteful, and the water drops can run into hundreds of gallons over time. Fortunately, it’s easy to detect and repair toilet leaks; just put food coloring or dye tablets in the toilet tank then wait for around 20 minutes. If you notice color stains in the toilet bowl, then you have a leak.

4. Inconsistent meter readings
Taking readings is the best way to detect any leaks in your plumbing; by comparing the readings, you can assess and compare your water consumption during various periods. A quick meter check should reveal the source of leaks.

Shut off all the water valves in and out of the house and take readings between one to two hours intervals. If the readings are similar, then your plumbing is okay, but if you have different figures, then you might have a small leak to fix.

5. Slab leaks
Slab leaks can be difficult to detect and repair, as they occur within the foundation due to cracking and bending of the pipes. Water spots on the ground and unexplained wetness of the floor is a sign to look out for, as they could increase your water bill significantly.

While some are comfortable locating and fixing leaks themselves, a plumbing expert not only makes the maintenance effort easier but also reduces any chances of further damage while doing amateur repairs to your plumbing.

Running Expensive Plumbing Repairs but Still, Can’t Find the Leak Source?
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