The housing market is becoming saturated. There are lots of Montreal condos for sale, so it is hard to stand out now. But don’t worry – it’s not entirely impossible nor difficult to improve your condo interior and increase its value. Take a look at our  list of simple upgrades that you can do to increase your condo’s value and selling price.


1. Repainting

Let’s start with the simplest and cheapest strategy. A little paint can improve the look of your whole condo interior without spending too much. It can upgrade its look into something more modern and it all just depends on the colors that you choose. Chipped, old paint, while it may seem trivial, actually makes a huge impact and will make your home look dirty and unattractive.

2. Replacing your appliances into energy-efficient ones

Choose appliances that are more energy-efficient and are helpful to the environment. People nowadays are more aware of climate changes and global warming, and are actively looking for ways for them to help. Turning your home into an eco-friendly abode can help boost its value.

3. Replacing broken fixtures

Chipped floor tiles, old shower curtains, or dirty toilet seats can easily add up and make your condo look cheap and dirty. Replacing these things will instantly brighten up the interiors of your space and make it look like it’s brand new. Easy fix.

4. Getting new cabinets and drawers

Since major renovations are often not allowed in condos, you can instead change up the look of your home by replacing old furniture like cabinets, drawers, tables, and chairs. A good interior theme will make a home instantly look more expensive. You should also consider employing the services of professional cleaners, to deal with worn carpets and flooring.

5. Remodeling your bathroom

If possible, go beyond simply replacing shower curtains. Have the whole bathroom renovated. Bathrooms are one of the things that strongly influence a home buyer’s decision. Go for function rather than design. Sure, an attractive looking bathroom can sell, but function beats it every time. Make sure that your bathroom is updated and, if you can afford it, has a modern twist to it that will intrigue the buyer and potentially make their life easier while doing their business. Modern bathrooms are the whole rage nowadays.

6. Added storage

If you are allowed to completely revamp your condo unit, do it by adding more storage. A storage area is always a good thing, as the condo unit itself is just a small, limited space, and not every little thing we have is being used on a daily basis, so we need a spare room to put all these extra stuff.

If you want your property to stand out among the numerous Montreal condos currently listed in the market, making the right renovations and upgrades is the way to go.

Renovations that Increase the Value of Your Condo