Glass DoorWhen winter comes it brings with it many joys but also many little annoyances like higher heating bills and chilly dafts which sneak in under doors and around poorly fitting windows. Mine was installed with lines that were plenty long to slide the unit in and out of the cabinet without the need to disconnect. I spent more time detaching and attaching the drain hose (in a small, dirty sink cabinet) than I spent in traveling to the local WalMart to pickup a T-25 and subsequently clearing the impeller. My super handy bf (who claims he HATES doing any kind of home repair) was able to troubleshoot this problem of ours and within a few hours we were happily watching the dishwasher run like new! While writing this guide I was able to run my unit with the door open and watch my parts moving.

I am a bit spoiled in that when the repairman came out to address a recall on my circuit board, he forgot to attach the safety shut off for the door. It sounds like that would have been addressed by now being that the drain pump was replaced, but you should double check that there is no defect in the impeller or any broken glass or obstruction in the drain pump housing.

There are wonderful adhesive-free films that cling to a glass surface and are easy to apply or remove. There are some thicker brands that also insulate the glass and reduces the heat loss to save energy. For bathroom a window film can add privacy to an exposed window, can be added to a shower door enclosure for additional privacy and more. There are many different styles and patterns to choose from including stained glass, etched glass, frosted glass, art deco glass and many others. Frosted Glass Window adds privacy to any window or door without making the room darker.

Apply to windows, glass doors, patio doors, screen glass doors, small windows, large windows etc. Create the look of expensive etched glass in a variety of designs featuring different levels of privacy and to fit different design styles. You can use a stained glass design to increase privacy or add a stained glass look without obstructing a view. There are traditional stained glass looks, Victorian, corner pieces, borders, floral, and a variety of styles and colors to choose. When I was young, I thought it was impossible to keep the glass free of black marks.

I’m older and wiser now (thank goodness) and I know that any glass door on a wood stove can be kept crystal clear with minimal effort. Clean out the ash from the fire box (to avoid too much mess) and place newspaper on the ground in front of the door to catch the creosote. Grab a small piece of COLD charcoal, dampen it with water, and rub it over the blackened glass on the inside of your wood stove’s door.Glass Door

Glass Door

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