Bamboo FlooringBamboo, belonging to the grass variety, holds lots of economic importance in terms of nutrition, paper production, furniture, flooring and housing. Just because the bamboo decking from Deck-Max is specifically situated as a product to be used outside does not mean that is all it is good for. While it still needs cleaned, the risk of damage from a spill on the bamboo decking by Deck-Max is greatly reduced. The highly specialised processes that the outdoor bamboo decking undergoes can also be taken with other products that will look great around your home, office, and deck. So, tables, chairs, and storage boxes can all be made from the same great bamboo.

We have 5 bamboo groves on the property and have been able to selectively harvest enough to use as the siding on the native pump house. We are using recycled materials such as broken tiles and bamboo scraps for towel rods and cupboard handles, which the carpenters used to burn! View of sugar cane from our new deck.Railing and bamboo floors all made from bamboo from our groves. The wall in back of the tea kettle is from solid bamboo poles which is screened to keep the tropical bugs out! We put in the bamboo couch bench as well as a bamboo roof to protect it. We now have a nice outdoors sitting area.

We put in a bamboo raised pathway to get off the mud, and the rains can still drain under it. No more much going to feed the animals. I had them make the traditional slatted bamboo floors so it would stay cool and also, it comforts me with a flood of lovely childhood memories. One problem with bamboo if it isn’t treated for termites, it that is eaten fast! We might have to build a trough to soak them in salt water since we don’t have beachfront property where we could keep an eye out on the bamboo while they soak. The bamboo siding was hand cut from our grove by the local carpenters and placed using my design.

The shower stall just needs the bamboo sprayed with anti termite stuff and then lacquered so the water doesn’t water it so fast. There is now a covered couch bench on the side of the pump house and a bamboo walkway. Made by our bamboo worker’s wife from the bags of chip snacks they eat and seeds they find on their property. Tile cost was about 6.52 USD for all the tiles for the shower and sink area with leftovers for something else too.

Since we couldn’t just go out and buy cabinet doors that looked like these, they had to make all the pieces from scratch out of bamboo poles from our grove! The local carpenters made the cupboard handles from bamboo scraps after I showed them how to. The floor was left cement with terracotta colored dye added to it. This is just a closer up view of the recycled tile sink and cupboards.Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Flooring
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