Wood PlanksUsually made from sawed timber, planks are usually more than 1 1⁄2 in (38 mm) thick, and are generally wider than 2 1⁄2 in (64 mm). If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or want to save a few bucks, cutting your own planks is an option. Personally, I’ve been loving the natural look of the planks Afire provided me, which are cut on the bias with the bark still attached and give an extra boost to the presentation factor of the plank. Size is just one important factor to consider, with type of wood weighing in pretty equally.

Since some of the essence of the wood will be transferred to the food being planked, it’s good to know the depth of flavor each wood carries and choose one that might best complement the flavor of the food. Beef or gamier meats: You can bump up the wood flavor even more to heavier-handed options such as oak and hickory. Even in prior centuries, wood plank flooring was used to produce wonderful pieces of craftsmanship.Wood Planks

Each wood has its own uniqueness, so it’s worth picking up a variety and playing around to see how each imparts a different flavor. I prefer to soak my planks for a minimum of an hour, flipping halfway through to ensure they’re evenly and thoroughly soaked. Starting on a scorched and smoking plank gives a deeper wood flavor compared to the pure indirect method. Along with these methods, it’s possible to grill on a plank over direct fire, which might kill the plank beyond reuse, but also produce more smoke and potentially more wood flavor. As long as there’s still wood left, and the plank hasn’t been charred through, there’s no problem reusing the plank.

The subtle mix of each of the colors will help give you the wood grain look, and it will give each base a slightly unique look, but keeping it uniform as well. Thinned Thalmar Black will accomplish this, painted carefully around the base, missing the planks entirely. Alas, while the photo is dark, it was taken to show the scaling of the planks in relation to the scale of the miniatures, and I no longer have the figure to rephotograph it. Your first option is to buy your discount wood flooring from a wholesale flooring company. There are several flooring companies that offer wholesale lots of wood flooring products.

The advantage of buying from a wholesaler is that you will get your wood flooring at a great price, often 50 percent less than retail. As a result you may need to buy an extra lot of planks even though you may only need ten to twenty extra square feet. Traditional acoustic treatments such as fabric wrapped fiberglass, expanded mesh and acoustic plasters are all very effective but none offer the architect the look and feel of real wood veneers. Slotted Acoustic Wood Planks – Wood Acoustic – from RPG Europe are now available, and provide absorption, aesthetic appeal and the natural beauty of wood for the architects and designers.

Wood Planks

Plank Floors (Made From Plywood!)
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