Vinyl FlooringParents work hard to create a home environment that is healthy, educational, and fun for their children. Installing new floors is a big step, and laminate flooring provides the durability that budget-conscious parents need, along with the beauty every homeowner wants. The high tech scratch and dent resistant topcoat used to create laminate flooring makes it impermeable to the spills, dropped toys, and heavy traffic that comes with children and pets. While every floor will, over time, become scratched, laminate flooring is harder and more durable than hardwood floors, less likely to chip or crack than tile or stone, and it maintains its appearance far longer than any vinyl material.Vinyl Flooring

Pergo laminate flooring is very inexpensive when compared to other traditional floor coverings, both in materials and installation. Carpet, stone, tile, and sheet vinyl must be installed by professionals, greatly increasing the initial cost. Wood scraps that might otherwise have ended up in landfills are ground up and mixed with advanced technology resins to create incredibly strong planks.

Inexpensive, self-adhesive vinyl squares are certainly affordable, but they do not last and there is question about fumes from the materials and adhesives used causing respiratory problems in some children. These planks are then topped with photographic appliqués of a variety of wood grains, stone, or tile patterns, all without cutting down a single tree. These realistic-looking planks are then topped with an impermeable, scratch and stain resistant clear topcoat. Instead of charring, discoloring, or melting the floor, heat resistant Pergo laminate flooring provides a barrier to disaster.

In addition to its beautiful appearance, ease of installation, and affordability, one of the biggest reasons Pergo laminate flooring is ideal for families with children is its nearly indestructible nature. Toys can be dropped on it, harsh sunlight can shine on it, and the pitter-patter of little, and not so little, feet can go on for years without any sign of damage to your Pergo laminate flooring. A spilled glass of red juice, while devastating to a carpeted, stone, or tile floor, is nothing more than a wet spot to wipe up with paper towels when you install laminate flooring.

Resistant to chemicals, bacteria, and even heat, laminate flooring can transform the otherwise disastrous experience of dropping a lit candle or match onto the floor into an easy to clean up bump in the proverbial road. Pergo laminate flooring is an excellent way to save money while improving the appearance and healthfulness of your home. Pergo laminate flooring planks can be ordered with the underlayment padding attached to the planks and click-lock sides that allow the planks to lock into place on top of any clean, flat, non-carpeted surface. I generally prefer hardwood floors, but when I bought my brand new condo, it came with laminate flooring.

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