Vinyl FlooringLuxury vinyl tile and plank flooring is among the hottest flooring products in the market today and the use of this product is growing exponentially in the commercial market. Sheet vinyl can survive spills: acrylic paint spilled on it cleans up nicely with a damp rag. I selected a modified loose lay sheet vinyl from Lowes that’s heavier and thicker than most. They incorporate varying installation systems that hook, snap or lock together, have self-adhesive methods or can be glued to the substrate. Once the substrate conditions are under control the installation of the flooring material is considered.

The substrate must also be clean and free of any old adhesives, bond breakers, contaminants, chemicals, paint, oil, grease, markings on the floor from anything other than pencil, abatement chemicals and any other residual agents or chemicals which can compromise the installation and vinyl flooring material itself. Sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles are almost always installed with an adhesive material typically out of a container or possibly pre-applied.

Be aware also that the shinier the flooring surface is the more you’ll see everything beneath glaring back at you. For luxury vinyl plank there are also a myriad of click or lock systems to install them whether fitting together or pounded along the edges. Gluing the flooring down should help keep the material flat but if there are any stability issues with a product it will eventually manifest them on the floor.

Appearance issues are vitally important for vinyl flooring because vinyl is vulnerable to indentations, scratching and gouging. You have to be keenly aware of the use and traffic the vinyl flooring is going to receive. The more traffic and the heavier relative to volume and weighted loads the more high performance characteristics in the flooring you’ll require to make sure the flooring performs up to expectations. A looming issue is the proposed use or actual use of underlayments under vinyl flooring material to deaden sound.Vinyl Flooring

So if you think that the argument of you said this flooring wouldn’t do this” actually has merit relative to what the floor knows it can or cannot do, the floor wins every time. Also remember that the flooring color, pattern, maintenance, contaminating foot traffic and finish will have a great deal of influence on how the floor looks and performs. Once I got all of my planks pressed tightly to the wall, I decided to paint them.

Vinyl Flooring

Peel & Stick Vinyl Flooring
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