Glass DoorGet an inside look into jobs and companies with Glassdoor, the most comprehensive career community. The right-most of these 2 squares of leaded glass in a door in Streatham was smashed, and we made a new piece to replace it. This shot shows the difference in the look of the glass and lead between a new or restored panel and an old piece. We were commissioned by the structural repair contractor to remove them for restoration, by means of disassembly and rebuilding, replacing the broken/missing pieces of glass. We worked direct with their client to finalise the design, and fitted the set with outer protective panes of laminated safety glass.Glass Door

A contractor to usĀ localĀ asked that we produce these 2 panels for one of their clients for whom they had made and fitted the new door and frame. This replaced plain glass over the door, and was to a pattern to generally reflect the original glass in the street, slight simplified. This is so that the door can be picked up enough so that the roller assembly can clear the bottom track.

The number itself is not painted – its made from a piece of white flashed glass – clear glass with a very thin layer of white opal glass fused onto the back – which is then sandblasted away to form the actual numerals, and then filled with a permanent black resin. The openings in this door has been filled in with panels of mdf, which we removed and replace with laminated safety glass, before installing the new stained glass panels, to a design we worked up with our client, using a typical set of Victorian pastel colours for the diamonds.

Fortunately I hadn’t yet signed off yet so I had plenty of leverage but I didn’t need to use it, Bobcat offered to replace the door at their cost. I found out later that glass breakage is not something that happens every day but one operator told me he’d broken two glass doors on his machine since purchase a couple years ago and seemed to think it was no big deal. It can happen due to excess pressure on the windshield from sticks and such and the glass is more easily broken in cold weather.

Note that the machine can be operated without the door; naturally, the heat doesn’t work quite so well without the window, lol. Besides the shattered glass door this T650 machine has suffered a hydro leak repaired under warranty at about 100 hours. I was able to run on it by adding oil frequently but it finally worsened to the point I had to take it to Bobcat for repair. Surprisingly, the repair manager called a few days later to say the entire repair was completed under warranty, I didn’t owe a dime.

Glass Door

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