Bamboo FlooringTo lessen the quantity of dust and grit introduced on your flooring, install mats whatsoever outdoors entrances. Has been in the hardwood flooring industry for more than 10 years and we take great pride in our reputation as one of the most professional hardwood flooring companies in the GTA region of Ontario. Our experienced hardwood flooring installation team has worked throughout Toronto and in the neighbouring regions of Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, Stouffville, Barrie, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and surrounding areas. I did a lot of research on bamboo flooring, primarily because bamboo is supposedly eco-friendly AND durable.Bamboo Flooring

As he put it….it doesn’t matter how careful you are, chances are certain that you will eventually dent and scratch any flooring….it may be the may be your wife or child…it may be you….but I can guarantee that your flooring will eventually have a few dings. When I asked the guy about bamboo toughness, he went off into a vietnam story which I won’t go into about exactly how tough bamboo flooring is. He was basically really trying to sell me on the idea that bamboo was the best flooring for large dogs.

However, when I researched it online, what I discovered was that many homeowners were not very happy with bamboo and found that it not only chipped and scratched easily, it did so without pets, nevermind the fact that I have a 80 pound dog that could make minced meat of this hardwood. If you ask any hardwood flooring installer for advice and you tell them you have dogs, then it is very likely that they will suggest laminate flooring.

While bamboo is just as hard as some other hardwoods (it is somewhere in the middle), what isn’t mentioned is that the difference that dictates the durability of bamboo is whether it is heated and for how long. My installer told me that the laminate I chose would be less likely to chip or scratch but that there is no flooring that is 100% scratch resistant.

In other words, the lighter the bamboo, the less it is heated and the harder it is. Since I was going for a darker wood look, the wood I would have selected would have been on the softer side of the bamboo types. But the problem with laminate flooring and dogs is: when they walk or run on it, their nails make a terrible, harsh sound! To protect your flooring during the cabinet installation, use masonite boards to cover the floors.

Bamboo Flooring

Outdoor Bamboo Decking
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