Glass DoorRock-boffins have used data from satellites to scope out impact-crater glass on Mars for a glimpse into its past, based on the theory that glass formed during hypervelocity happenings can encapsulate and preserve earthly bio-signatures. After the door is raised and sliding freely, shut the door and adjust one roller again until the door is square with the door frame. You have successfully completed your task of sliding glass door repair and installed new patio door rollers. Were it not for the bowed floor and ceiling, and discounting shopping time to find the new rollers, the time to repair was probably around 30 minutes or less. Now the problem, though is that the kids slam the door hard – they are used to it taking all their strength to close it!

The door replaced here was so hard to open that the handle had broken off from simply opening and closing the door, but it now slides as good as new. I went to home depot, and one of the employee said he doesn’t need to remove the door in most cases to install new rollers. He first pulled the roller in with the adjuster screw, the remove the two screws at the top and bottom side of the door.Glass Door

Then, with a rubber hammer, he hits the side frame of the door to remove it and replace the roller from the side without taking out the door. I would be really afraid to try to take the door frame apart (which it sounds like you are being advised to do) without being able to get it out of the frame. I’ve had to pick up the door with a crowbar and then carefully reach through the gap at the bottom and lift the roller with a putty knife.

I just can’t see a manufacturer making a door that must have the entire frame removed from the surrounding wall to repair or replace the rollers, broken glass, etc. I tried to remove the door by going outside as the outside lip was shorter, but found the exact same problem as the outside door was just a little taller and that door would not come out any more than the inner one would come to the inside. As you say, it’s far cheaper than putting a new door in and a lot less work as well. One thing you might look for; if the rollers have broken off they can prevent the door from sliding out.

There was just enough clearance with the door up to do that and it was really the only way to get the door out. I’ve also had a piece of the stationary aluminum door come loose and drag on the other door. One direction tends to fold it back where it belongs and the door slides easily while the other direction tends to force it further out and jam. You could actually see where the door was being gouged by the stationary door with the loose metal.

Glass Door

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