Bathroom DesignIf you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings, the space above your bathroom door is prime real estate. From the most amazing houses in the most amazing places on Earth (which by the way, cost millions) to redecorations on a budget or travel, we try to cover them all. Go with a traditional white tub if you want to give your bathroom a neat, clean look. And if you wish to create a retro bathroom with a natural or eco-friendly spin, a wooden tub is an excellent option. The colors of the floor and walls play the most integral role on the mood of your bathroom. Likewise, burgundy and pale fuchsia are better options for a retro bathroom than shocking pink. The wood bath is the focal point, which the rest of the bathroom should complement.

So for low-budget homeowners , simply painting your bathroom walls can save quite a bit of money and doesn’t force you to compromise on the retro theme at all. To make your bathroom super retro, however, tongue-and-groove wood paneling is highly recommended, as long as it is waterproof and specifically made for bathroom use. A retro bathroom will lose its charm if it appears dim and dingy, so plan your lighting design carefully. If your bathroom has plenty of space, sneak one or two pieces of retro furniture in there.

If your bathroom has no window at all, consider knocking out part of a wall and replacing it with glass blocks, which will let sunlight filter in without revealing the interior space. For example, if your bathroom is already equipped with several wall shelves and a large vanity, there’s probably no need for another cabinet or trolley. For a bathroom with a small window and minimal light, wood shutters can be a smart alternative; they allow sunlight to shine into the room and protect your privacy at the same time. Black-and-white photos, vintage posters or cute pictures from old magazines can be eye-catching wall decorations, especially if you have plain walls with no tiles or wallpaper.

Frame your favorite ones, hang them up on the walls and maybe put some on your bathroom shelves. The second picture on the right, for example, shows how a vintage birdcage can work brilliantly and stylishly as a bathroom storage unit. Great ideas, Om – you are such a visual/color person – that is why you are so good at photography~ Awesome and beautifully laid out so anyone could glean some great ways to do their bathroom even if retro wasn’t their first choice! I think the chart to help readers determine if a retro bathroom is right for them was a great addition.Bathroom Design

Love an old fashioned bathroom with lots of room, a claw foot tub, huge windows that one can open while bathing and let in the breezy sunshine and birdsong or night air (need a screen for the bugs)! We are in the middle of a bathroom renovation project – we had harvest gold 1970s EVERYTHING – I am more than glad to get rid of it! This easy guide includes ideas for lighting, paint, faux stained glass windows & more. This Hub gives you a few ideas about how you can decorate your bathroom around a wood bath.

Bathroom Design

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