In every home, the most expensive thing is having hardwood floor. To get one of the best and most useful hardwood flooring, you have to spend little more time in this article by reading. Many homeowners and experts will suggest you to get acacia hardwood or oak hardwood for flooring. But getting acacia is somewhat expensive than the oak wood for flooring. And acacia is unavailable all over the world. So to save your pennies, I am suggesting you to get Oak hardwood for flooring.

Some might think that what is the use of hardwood flooring and some think about the laminate wood flooring. To know about the uses of hardwood flooring just follow the write up below to know. To see the Pros and Cons of hardwood flooring click here

Pros of Hardwood Flooring:

Hardwood floorings first advantage is the attractiveness (look). Having hardwood flooring makes your rooms with more warmth and make you feel so good under your feet. So many homeowners & flooring experts suggests hardwood floors because they look good than the tile floor and the carpet floors.

Along with the look and the warmth feeling, several buyers or homeowners find the easiness in matching with the furniture than with the carpets. You don’t have any limitations with the hardwood for all your furniture choices. Even if you choose the ultramodern furniture which is made by the plastic & steel, you don’t need to feel bad. Hardwood is best for all conditions. But you should choose the best hardwood from several hardwoods. For this purpose, I am recommending you to get oak wood for your flooring.

Hardwoods are easy to clean and easy to maintain. Whereas on carpets, stains are disasters but hardwood floors are beyond that, you can simply make stains and vanish by using just water.

Hardwood flooring helps you and your family from several allergies. So you should really appreciate that. So of all those hardwoods, Oak is best and cheaper to buy. So get Oak for your home hardwood flooring. And there are lots of advantages of hardwood floors. Now just have a glance at some of its Cons.

Cons of Hardwood Flooring:

Hardwood floors had a big problem with the moisture and humidity like standing water etc. But if you take little care hardwood floor lasts long like 50-100 years. And it is not good for unstable and uneven floor types. It is somewhat problematic to unstable floors and may cause openings or bend of the hardwood floors. And one more disadvantage of it is noise when walking with the leather boots than normal tile floors.

I think now you got the detailed info regarding the hardwood flooring and its uses and limitations. But you need to select the best wood for your home floor and you have to think about the price of it. So by considering all this many homeowners will consider Oak hardwood for flooring. So I am recommending you to that.

But Oak naturally appears in two forms: Red Oak & White Oak. Check about those oaks below.

Oak Wood Flooring Options – Red Oak Flooring & White Oak Flooring:

Red Oak Flooring: It is available from the reddish pink to light golden tones. It has 1290 janka hardness rating.

White Oak Flooring: It is harder than Red Oak and it has 1360 janka hardness rating. It is more stable wood. It is also using from the past in several homes from several hundred years. It is mostly used in truck beds, building of boats, wine barrels, wooden wagon wheels etc.

Oak Wood Flooring Options